Menopause can be a Positive Experience

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2016-05-05 12:37

We have joined forces with Kathryn Colas, Founder and Managing Director of SimpleyHormones to offer understanding and support in relation to menopause issues within the workplace. 

A bit about Kathryn, and SimplyHormones

Kathryn Colas, Founder and Managing Director of SimplyHormones, the first organisation to create bespoke digital education and training programmes about menopause. SimplyHormones has been operating successfully since 2008. Their client base covers a wide spectrum of the public and private sectors. Kathryn is a recognised expert often appearing on radio and television - BBC Breakfast, ITV, Sky TV plus BBC radio across the UK as well as popular women’s magazines and medical journals. She also speaks to a number of professional medical organisations in the field of women’s health andis a member of the British Menopause Society. 

Health Today:

Women’s health today is in a critical state because menopause is neither understood nor recognised. This is having the unprecedented effect of the loss of valuable staff through absenteeism and disciplinary procedures plus the fact that women are now working longer.

I experienced this first hand and had to resign from my job as an executive; disabled by menopause symptoms and ignorance – that was years ago but it is still happening today.

Employers are facing costly procedures yet menopause is rarely discussed.
What would it mean to you, your organisation and your staff to find a financial and emotional solution where you can measure the difference and save costs?

Reports on the debilitating and distressing symptoms of menopause have been published by three Government organisations highlighting the benefits of retaining staff and improving the talent pool. Women have significant and different needs and these are not being met.


Based on national statistics, 7 out of 10 women going through menopause experience debilitating symptoms. Menopause affects women in different ways and at different ages; closeted in myth where most people are ignorant of the facts, this results in isolation and distress. Women are resigning for work/life balance not realising the connection with menopause or sickness absence; they feel they are not good enough and cannot cope with responsibilities. This, surely, needs addressing.


The financial implications of absenteeism through sickness, disciplinary procedures, tribunals and even resignation are quantifiable and alarming.
Pressure on budgets is compounded when poor productivity and increased absenteeism are identified. This is costly in both financial and emotional terms.
A fresh and simple approach can change menopause into a positive experience



Staff, including Key Personnel, Line Managers, Senior Managers and even individuals can now benefit from our library of unique programmes –
1. Live, interactive, Webinars
a) Foundation level information to all Key Personnel who may be based around the country - These sessions last 60-minutes and include Q&A.
b) Foundation level information to Individual Women (60-min sessions including Q&A).
c) Recorded Webinars: This option is for consistent availability through intranet in order for everyone to benefit at the click of a button.

2. Online training programmes aimed at Key Personnel, including Occupational Health , HR professionals and Line Managers
a) Consisting of weekly modules delivered over five weeks, attracting valuable discounts for volume
b) Company branding can also be applied – price upon application

3. Half-day Live Workshops - Foundation workshops aimed at all Key Personnel – 
4. Full-day Live Workshops - Foundation Level Plus+, aimed at all Key Personnel 
5. Individual Telephone consultations 1 on 1 and include a report and follow-up email. Very popular choice to iron out particular issues for staff and Key Personnel


Testimonials from satisfied clients tell us:

I have raved about your workshop to our organisation and now have agreement to do the full training.

Lesley, Scotland

 Kathryn’s live workshop made such an impression on me, I have become a menopause champion in my own organization.

Angela, Canada

 I found Kathryn’s live workshop thought-provoking - the impact on us with an ageing workforce is significant. Women need to feel comfortable discussing menopause with supervisors. Thank you!

Janine, Wales

 I’m not alone! I’m not going mad! So many women experience the same feelings.

Sally, France

My understanding is far greater thanks to you. I could not discuss this with my own doctor. You provided support through a very difficult and emotional time.

Pam, Yorks

 I was facing hysterectomy and Kathryn advised me on my options. I thought I was the only woman in the world with this problem.

Carol, London

The training was easy to do, very informative and I learned a lot! All very helpful.

Laura, London