A Day in the Life of an OH Nurse...

Posted By stephanie hancox on 2018-01-15 09:38

Sometimes, understanding something from someone elses                                                                                 perspective is highly important in gaining further information and deeper understanding on differing matters. That is why our amazing occupational health Nurse, Janet Toni, has given us an account of her day-to-day life of attending site to carry out any required surveillance.           Being an OH Nurse, Janet is both highly qualified and experienced in carrying out the majority of our services from spirometry to Muscuskeletal and even pre-employment medicals. 

In Janet's own words...

"Healthscreen always provide me with relevent information & details the week before im due to attend site. In advance, I double check where I am attending and what assessments are to be carried out in order to ensure I have the right equipment with me; along with ensuring all equipment is not only clean for the next use, but also working to the highest of standards. 

Once I have arrived on site, I sign in and contact the main point of contact, who in turn will show me which room I will be setting up in and most importantly the toilet and kitchen, to be able to keep going. I ensure I have arrived at least 30 minutes before my first appointment in order to set up the equipment without rushing, to prevent any oversight.

As the clock chimes 9 am, I welcome in the first employee, I will ask the employee to confirm their name and DOB then tick them off on the time sheet that the point of contact would have given to me upon arrival. This is important to ensure everyone that is required to be tested, gets seen to, which also identifies the employees that are abscent / did not attend, in order for the company to keep track of who is outstanding their surveillance. 

After introducing myself and exchanging pleasantries, I explain my role of an Occupational Health Nurse along with what the appointment will entail, from what assessments are to be completed, and how these are done. At times, people are worried about the health surveillance (including the confidentiality etc), however, once I explain to them that it is in confidence and the high importance and value Occupational Health Surveillance can have on them as an employee, they are usually happy to proceed. 

The first stage of the appointment includes a review of a self-assessed questionnaire which the employees should have been completed prior to their appointment. However, if the questionnaire has only been half filled or left empty, this can cause delays to the rest of the appointments, as well as the companies work flow. A review of the questionnaire will identify any possible problems to the employees' health depending on what type of questionnaire it is.  The required surveillance then takes place and all findings and results are documented. I may also advise the employees on certain factors, for example, to use certain creams to protect them from skin allergies or dermatitis. 

At the end of the day, I pack up all my equipment, say my goodbyes and head of home knowing I have done what I can to ensure the employees I have seen to are equipped with the knowledge of how to look after their health within the workplace. All the hard-copy results are then sent to Healthscreen's head office, where they are inputted into a report format and sent to the employer via email, password protected for safety & confidentiality. However, the employer will not have access to the employees personal records, just a summary of findings with any relevant advice/recommendations on how they as a company can support the employee to prevent any health concerns from deteriorating, and whether the employee require a referral either to a GP, or an OHP. 

Jan xx "


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