Allergy Triggers within the Workplace

Posted By stephanie hancox on 2018-03-26 08:11

Allergies in The Workplace

Within the UK, an estimated 21 million adults suffer from some form of an allergy; which although can be easily controlled at home, the workplace can often contain many 'hotspots' and triggers; Such as temperature, ventilation and the location of their workstation.

According to a study by Allergy UK, 95% of office workers who took part in the study reported allergy symptoms at one time or another within the workplace. These symptoms (similar to a typical winter cold) ranged from difficulty in breathing, increase in the sensitivity of the skin due to irritants and tiredness etc.

An employer can take steps in reducing triggers and allergy hotspots within the workplace through conducting a risk assessment to identify, reduce and if possible remove these triggers.

Top tips on how to avoid allergy triggers within the workplace!

Here are some of the things you can do to avoid allergy triggers when you are at work. 

  • 1) Out-wear such as coats should be stored away from the main working environment as these can carry irritants such as pet hair.  
  • 2) Ensure your working station is regularly cleared to reduce any dust irritants which may have settled.
  • 3) Consistent ventilation, this can reduce irritants such as pollen or irritants within the dust to settle in the workplace
  • 4) Early mornings and late afternoon, ensure windows are closed as this is when the pollen count is at the highest.

For more help and advice on how to reduce allergy irritants within the workplace or for further information regarding occupational health within the workplace, get in touch via the online chat, phone, email or even social media. 


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