Anger Management in The Workplace Training

Managing anger & conflict at work

Anger is an emotion as normal as happiness and sadness, however, anger can become destructive when it is not expressed in a healthy and positive manner. Anger can become out of control and lead to all kinds of problems for personal, family and work relationships. Un-controlled anger in the workplace can cause huge difficulties. If anger is not controlled or expressed in a negative way it can be perceived as aggressive, violent and threatening. Anger has a disruptive effect on thought processes and behaviour, it interferes with the ability to think and act clearly and it can be devastating to a workplace. 


Anger Management Training Services

We offer bespoke training programmes for anger management, based around your business, it's culture and your needs. We can design and deliver training for both staff and managers.

Employee anger management training

Anger management training for employees would include the following subjects:

  • Effective communication and Listening
  • Stress Management
  • Empathy and Emotional Intelligence
  • How to recognize anger and its impact
  • Gaining better judgment and impulse control
  • Forgiveness
  • Learning to Respond rather than React 
  • Expectation management
  • Improve self-talk and optimistic thinking
  • Positive communication skills
  • Assertiveness training

Anger Management Training for managers

Because managers need to be certain about how to apply your stress policy at work we offer a different training course. Without adequate training, your managers may not implement your policy properly. Managers also benefit from learning how to spot the early signs of stress and risk assess for the issue amongst their teams. These sessions can include the following subjects:

  • A broad understanding of Anger and the issues it causes in the workplace
  • The key factors that contribute to Anger
  • How to recognise stress and mental health challenges in team members and colleagues
  • How to increase awareness of stress and mental health issues in the workplace
  • Skills in effective communication and listening Empathy and social awareness training
  • Improve skills and confidence in dealing with stress/mental health and well being in the workplace
  • The responsibilities of managers in relation to health and well-being
  • Duty of care responsibilities for line managers
  • Introduction of ways to handle volatile people and/or situations
  • Introduction of ways to diffuse hostile people
  • Learning to identify hostile situations and people (warning signs)
  • Introduction to calming techniques cool down's and time-outs
  • Anger management and conflict resolution training
  • Skills in improving impulse control and judgment
  • Expectation management

Course Benefits

These training seminars will help attendees to understand anger in the workplace and its effects. It will focus on the best methods of anger management. By the end of the training seminar, participants will have the tools and techniques to manage Anger. 

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