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What Do You Know About Cholesterol?

It is overlooked how important your numbers are in relation to your cholesterol. Knowing these numbers can be a big factor in how you take care of your health. Did you know that an average person over 40 should be tested every five years? Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance in everyone’s body. It travels through your bloodstream in packages made of fat and protein. Having your cholesterol tested involves taking a small blood sample. This

Published Thursday 6 September 2018

Dealing With Anxiety & Depression In The Workplace

Anxiety and depression have now hit a record high amongst workers in the UK with 1 in 6 people currently experiencing some form of mental health problem. This can have a big impact on businesses with more than 12.5 million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety disorders. Mental health is now the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK so it may be surprising to learn that 3 in 10 employees don’t believe that

Published Wednesday 29 August 2018

Supporting Your Employees When They Most Need You

Employers can provide support at a time when employees need it the most, and it can be as simple as implementing a basic wellbeing strategy. Stress is not a new problem- it has been affecting workers for years, but only recently has it become more of a focus as companies tackle their absenteeism levels and look to improve productivity. How to identify if employees are stressed at work: ‘Mental health’ and ‘stress’ are the most heard words within

Published Wednesday 29 August 2018

Talking Mental Health In The Workplace.

This can be a touchy subject but it is crucial to be aware of the signs and how you can help as an employer! Mental Health is a subject that could affect us all at one point in our lives – It is expected that one in four of us will experience a mental health issue in any given year– and one that has gathered a great deal of interest in the media and from the Government in recent years. Why is mental health still a matter which we shy away from?

Published Tuesday 21 August 2018

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment is worn to assist a person from physical and health hazards. PPE could be considered a barrier between a hazard and the person, but safety guidelines and proper safety practices are the foundation of protection before PPE. Once the risks and information are understood on how to minimize harm and danger through compliant safety training, it is then the next step to fully learn about PPE. Effective use of PPE also

Published Tuesday 14 August 2018

Working Alongside Silica

Silica is a basic component of concrete, sand, granite and many other materials. If you work with sandblasting, glass etching, painting, jackhammers, asphalt, paving, ceramic manufacturing tools or construction — just to name a few — you need to be aware of silica and its possible effects on health. Following the following recommendations can limit your risk of breathing this dangerous carcinogen:

Published Wednesday 8 August 2018

Worst Cold & Flu Habits In The Workplace

The office and workplace can be full of sniffly noses, scratchy throats, cacophonous coughing, and blowing of noses. Germs, bacteria and disease are being spread all around the desks, common areas and work sites. Not only is this bad for hygiene and work productivity, sometimes it’s downright GROSS.  1. Wiping runny nose on hands or sleeve: 16%   2. Not covering mouth/nose when sneezing: 15%   3. Not covering mouth when coughing: 12%   4. Not

Published Monday 30 July 2018

Important Use Of Hard Hats On Site

We know that wearing a hard hat on the job is a no-brainer, but you might be surprised at the amount of occupational head injuries occur from the lack of wearing proper head protection. We want to make sure you’re protecting your most valuable asset, so here’s a quick refresher course on how to get the most out of your on-the-job head gear! 1, The first critical step in developing a comprehensive safety and health program is to identify the

Published Friday 27 July 2018

Eye Wellness In The Workplace

Eye injuries can be caused by jobs involving dangerous chemicals or materials that can harm or destroy vision. These injuries can be serious and result from pieces of metal, wood, glass and other materials lodging in the eye. However, employees who work in an office setting are not free from the possibility of injury. Eye strain or fatigue can also occur due to excessive screen time. Occupational eye exams aren’t just for when you’re having

Published Friday 27 July 2018

What Are Management Referrals?

A management referral is when a manager supervisor refers an employee to an Occupational Health services provider because of a possible health issue that is likely to have an ongoing effect on work attendance or performance. Employees do not have to be absent from work to be referred, they can also be referred whilst they are attending work if their work appears to be affected by the issue  There are several reasons why you could consider

Published Wednesday 18 July 2018

Safety Leadership In The Workplace

The harsh reality is that there are over 4,000 workplace fatalities and over three million recorded injuries per year. Safety leadership aims to create an environment where workers can focus on their tasks while avoiding harm and statistics like these, making safety a reality on the job. How can you be an effective safety leader? Walking around with a clipboard and making inspections isn’t necessarily the best way to gain trust and increase

Published Wednesday 11 July 2018

Avoiding Burns In The Workplace

Thermal burns, chemical burns and electrical burns are very common in the workplace, but they can also be easily avoided! Here are five tips workers and employers should know for preventing burn-related injuries in the workplace. 1. Employers should follow the correct rules and safety techniques regularly to all employees. Employees should be aware of this information at all times. Prevention is key to preventing burns in the workplace.

Published Wednesday 11 July 2018

Preventing Distracting Driving In The Workplace

Driving is a daily task for millions of workers that poses several risks – especially if there are distracted drivers on the road. Distracted driving is a growing problem with all of the technology available.  Distracted driving is not exclusive to mobile phone use, it can happen anytime the driver’s attention is taken off the road. This is why it is important for employers and employees to work together to prevent work-related motor vehicle

Published Wednesday 11 July 2018

Difference Between Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

Did you know a heat stroke can increase the body’s temperature to 106 degrees in as little as 10 to 15 minutes? - Work safe and work smart! - Dizziness and feeling faint. - Headache. - Constant Sweating. - Irritable. - Possible weak or rapid pulse. - Shallow Breathing. - Pale, cool or clammy skin. - Nausea or vomiting - Muscle cramps  - Take the person into a cool shaded or air conditioned area. - Make sure they are drinking plenty of water if

Published Wednesday 11 July 2018


All workers are at risk for heat illness during the summer months, especially during a heat wave, no matter what your occupation may be. In 2017, 2,630 workers suffered from heat illness and 18 died from a heat stroke. If you work in hot or humid conditions, it’s important to know how to handle heat safely and keep safe. Keep your workforce safe and limit the risk of heat illness Stay hydrated Make sure you are drinking water every 15 minutes,

Published Monday 9 July 2018

Heart Disease: Concern For Truck Drivers

Many HGV/LGV drivers sit for long hours at a time- This could be due to traffic, general driving, or waiting to be offloaded. Most drivers do not manage to get enough sleep or exercise on a daily basis. A poor diet of 'on the road' takeaways can also cause issues. This is on top of facing high levels of stress from meeting dead lines to long hours on the road!  All of the above scenarios has a significant and negative affect on the heart. 

Published Thursday 5 July 2018

Bubble Rush At Worcester 

Bubble Rush To Raise Money For 'Once We Were Soldiers' 'Once We Were soldiers' main priorities are homeless veterans that have fallen upon hard times and those that find it difficult to adjust to civilian life. The number of military personnel now suffering with PTSD or other mental health conditions are rising rapidly. Many veterans find themselves homeless, with no hope, no support and through no fault of their own.  They turn to alcohol or

Published Monday 2 July 2018

Ladder safety In The Workplace

Ladders can be useful tools, but when used incorrectly, they can cause serious injuries or even death. Each year falls from ladders make up a third of deaths in construction. Falls are preventable when you plan ahead, provide the right equipment and train workers to use equipment safely. Healthscreen wants to help you work safe at heights and prevent falls. Before you climb a ladder at work, take a look at our checklist to make sure you are

Published Thursday 28 June 2018


On average, the body needs about seven to nine hours of sleep per night. Many people don’t see the importance of devoting much of their time for sleep. It plays a serious role in not only your overall health but also their ability to safely perform their job. Unfortunately, this problem is only continuing to grow. Did you know that more people are getting less sleep than they did a century ago. This is because most workers don’t see the

Published Tuesday 26 June 2018

What is Occupational Health?

Occupational health is a specialist branch of medicine that focuses on both the physical and mental wellbeing of employees in the workplace. Some employers see health and safety as an onus put on them through regulation, however, the aim of occupational health services is to prevent work-related illness and injury which protects the business as well as its employees. The NHS says "Attracting and retaining staff with the right values, commitment

Published Saturday 23 June 2018

Prevent Those Slips, Trips & Falls!

Did you know that slips, trips, and falls are a significant cause of workplace injury and death- You may think i am being dramatic, but unfortunately this is the truth. According to the National Safety Council, they account for 15 percent of all accidental deaths per year; second only to motor vehicle accidents. Slips, trips, and falls can happen practically anywhere, in any workplace. There are a number of unsafe conditions that can lead to

Published Thursday 21 June 2018

Avoiding Head Injuries In Construction

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 1.7 million people sustain a brain injury every year in the UK. While many who experience a brain injury recover quickly and resume their normal lives, at least 125,000 are permanently disabled. One of the most dangerous work environments is the construction job site, and according to OSHA, it’s this industry that has the highest risk and number of traumatic brain

Published Thursday 21 June 2018

Prevent Heat Stress In The Workplace

There are many dangers to working or spending a certain amount of time in the heat. While people typically think about this problem during the summertime, heat-related illnesses are a problem many workers face every day, all year long. Heat-related illness is a general term for a number of conditions that happen as the result of working in a hot environment. There are four common types of these illnesses, each with its own prevention strategy:

Published Thursday 21 June 2018

Handling Hand Injuries In The Workplace

When working in harsh environments you should always make sure you have the right equipment to protect the head, face, and body. From chemicals to cuts, there are many workplace dangers that pose serious threats to your hands. Wearing gloves is essential to preventing potentially serious injuries. But, with so many types of gloves available, here is how to find the best fit for your job. There are a couple of steps in making sure you always have

Published Tuesday 19 June 2018

What Is Occupational Management Referral?

What is occupational management referral? This service is carried out when there is concern about their health, performance (where there may be health implications) or level of sickness absence. An assessment by our professional HealthScreen practitioners can provide objective information that can assist management in addressing these issues.   There can be many reasons to refer, such as: - Concern that they may have work related health problems

Published Monday 18 June 2018

Things You Should Know About Pre-Employment Drug Testing

As a major cause of workplace accidents, employers need to prioritise the management of substance abuse and reduce the potential impact. You as an employer, have a duty to protect your employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) which outlines that employers must ensure, as far as reasonably practical, the health, safety and welfare of their employees at work. Ultimately the responsibility lies with the employer.

Published Thursday 14 June 2018

How Health Surveillance Can Help Respiratory Diseases.

Our lungs are complex and fragile organs and looking after them is key. They are responsible for getting oxygen into our bloodstream and they are composed of millions of air sacs and hundreds of miles of capillaries. We have come to recognise in recent times the problems posed by poor air quality within the workplace, but many people are exposed to potentially dangerous situations in their day to day employment and for these groups regular

Published Friday 8 June 2018

Supporting Dyslexia In The Workplace

Dyslexia means you have difficulty with words that can cause problems when reading, writing or spelling. While it can certainly influence how we learn, and those who suffer may require additional help at school or in work, it is not related to intelligence as some people think. Did you know that dyslexia effects as much as 10% of the population to varying degrees and no one person’s experience is the same as another’s. Being dyslexic does not

Published Tuesday 5 June 2018

ProfessionalOccupation Health Services At HealthScreen UK

As premium Occupational Health providers, HealthScreen UK offers a wide range of Occupational Health assessment services which can be accessed via contracted retainer on a pay-as-you-go basis. Here are some of the services we provide: If you employ staff within a noisy working environment, you will understand the importance of hearing check. Not just a good idea, it is also a legal requirement under Regulation 5 of the Management of Health and

Published Thursday 17 May 2018

Fight High Blood Pressure In The Workplace!

Colds and headaches come with obvious and unpleasant symptoms of high blood pressure- Some signs can go unnoticed, where as others can cause serious consequences. Here are some lifestyle changes you can make and advise others on maintaining a healthy blood pressure: Staying active- Did you know that people should remain active for at least three-and-a-half hours per week-  which adds up to 30 minutes per day. Regular exercise such as brisk

Published Tuesday 15 May 2018

10 Most Risky Jobs To Affect Your Hearing Health

Hearing loss may occur due to a number of different reasons. One of the most common reasons is normally the constant exposure to increased levels of noise, which are potentially dangerous for the ears. If your employees work in a noisy environment, you need to provide occupational hearing testing as part of your occupational health strategy. Although noise-induced hearing loss can be a result of a trauma caused by the sudden instance of

Published Friday 11 May 2018

Benefits Of Onsite Health Surveillance 

Are you protecting your employees from work-related ill health? Occupational health surveillance is important to protect the health of your employee, detect any adverse effects at an early stage, assist in the evaluation of control measures and comply with statutory health and safety legislation! All employers have a duty of care to carry out occupational health surveillance if/when risks to employees have been identified. They may also be

Published Friday 11 May 2018

Maintaining Productivity As the Temperature Rises

The sun is out and some days we have been experiencing the hottest day of the year so far! With weather like this, it can be hard to keep employees focused and working – let's face it, we all want to be outside on these all-too-rare, glorious days. So how can you get the most out of your employees when the weather is lovely?  There is no need to send your employees home when the mercury sun rises unless there is a health and safety concern!

Published Friday 11 May 2018

Returning To Work Following Surgery

Occupational health practitioners are frequently asked for advice on fitness to return to work after surgery. Providing the best answer to the surgery question isn't always clear cut, and there is little evidence and often a lot of misunderstanding among patients and clinicians. There is a high level of variability between the time it takes different people to return to work after surgery and in addition to issues which are clearly medical there

Published Friday 11 May 2018

Return To Work- Help And Support For Employers!

Workplace adjustments can benefit ill, injured or disabled employees return to work. However, there may be some circumstances where you need to seek additional advice or support. At Healthscreen we are occupational health professionals. All of our nurses are also experienced medical professionals who can help you manage the physical and mental wellbeing of employees, whether they are off work or in work and struggling with their health.

Published Thursday 10 May 2018

Food safety and employer responsibilities at work!

Although we should all take precautions when we cook or handle food, those who work with food need to be particularly stringent. Food handlers can pass on the germs that cause symptoms such as sickness or diarrhoea to others through poor hygiene practice, or by being sick themselves and then coming to work. The good news is that by following some simple steps to improve food hygiene, this can be avoided.

Published Thursday 3 May 2018

Health Effects When Working With Lead.

Unfortunately, once lead has been absorbed by the body, it circulates in the blood and accumulates in the bones. It can stay there for many years without causing any problems, but can also cause many types of health issues. The most common involvement with lead includes: Lead absorption can have several health consequences, which vary in severity. These symptoms include: If the lead absorption continues, this can cause more serious problems such

Published Thursday 3 May 2018

Health & Safety Pregnancy Risk Assessments 

As an employer, you have a legal duty to protect pregnant women and their children from any work-related risks As an employer, you carry out a general risk assessment to identify any risks that might affect women who become pregnant. When a woman tells her employer that she is pregnant a specific risk assessment should be carried out professionally. It is advised to review the individual risk assessment as the woman’s pregnancy develops. 

Published Wednesday 2 May 2018

Minimizing Workplace Injuries & Maximizing Efficiency!

You just can't predict when unexpected falls, machinery mishaps or accidents at work are going to happen! What you can do is prevent them from happening. Did you know that in 2017, approximately 2.9 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers- That is a lot of absence within the workplace! By putting in the extra effort into your working environment, ensuring safety for your employees shows that

Published Tuesday 1 May 2018

Sophie joins the Team!!!

With the fast expansion of Healthscreen in the past year alone, we have welcomed on board Sophie, who is about to embark om her new journey to become an occupational health administrator and to gain new knowledge on the world of Occupational Health.  Her main duties will involve will include the responsibility for  completing a range of administration and customer service duties in order to support the company. Key tasks:- General administration

Published Monday 16 April 2018

BBP Manchester Bussiness Post Feature

A recent feature in the BBP Manchester Business Post magazine highlighted the importance of drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.With Healthscreen UK Ltd leading the way forward.   "As a responsible employer with the               welfare of your employees at heart,             it is important to make sure that they         are fit and able for the tasks they are           being asked to perform, especially when     operating complex

Published Friday 13 April 2018

Employees and Heat Stress

With the summer fast approaching, you need to ensure your employees are protected against the implications brought with the summer heat. Heat stress occurs when the body is no longer able to control its internal temperature. Unfortunately, it is not always easily noticeable when walking through a work area that there is a potential risk of heat stress. This is due to many factors which can contribute towards heat stress. These include :

Published Monday 9 April 2018

RIDDOR: The Basics

Accidents are part of our everyday lives and are not completely avoidable no matter how active your safety management process is. It's impossible to be able to foresee all possible circumstances which can result in work-related injury and on the rare occasions, death. As these incidents, by law, need reporting to RIDDOR; It is of great importance to be able to understand the basics of RIDDOR legislation, and how to report these occurrences. 

Published Thursday 5 April 2018

Our quick guide on how to produce a Risk Assessment 

With occupational health relying heavily on what is stipulated by your risk assessment, it is highly important to understand the basics of writing a thorough risk assessment. Required by law, a risk assessment should be carried out prior to a task which presents a risk to an individuals health and wellbeing. You need to be careful though that you understand the difference between a hazard and a risk. A risk assessment is defined as:

Published Wednesday 28 March 2018

Allergy Triggers within the Workplace

Within the UK, an estimated 21 million adults suffer from some form of an allergy; which although can be easily controlled at home, the workplace can often contain many 'hotspots' and triggers; Such as temperature, ventilation and the location of their workstation. According to a study by Allergy UK, 95% of office workers who took part in the study reported allergy symptoms at one time or another within the workplace. These symptoms (similar to

Published Monday 26 March 2018

Is it a Hazard or a Risk?!

We often hear about hazards and risks in the work place however not many people realize that they aren't the same thing. However, the two terms are frequently used interchangeably.  When referring to a risk when discussing occupational health and safety, we are referring to the chance of an employee being harmed or injured when made vulnerable to a hazard. In many cases, a hazard cannot be avoided although the chances of injury due to the hazard

Published Tuesday 20 March 2018

Night Workers and Fatigue - Know your limits!

Many employers opt to have employees work either consistent night shifts or have a number of employees to perform day and night shift on a rotating basis. Although night work has proven effective in increasing productivity, many employers often overlook the health risks to the individual; which in turn can have disastrous consequences.  One of the main health consequences of a night worker is Fatigue! 

Published Tuesday 20 March 2018

Most Common Reasons For Employee's Absence.

As an employer, it’s inevitable that some of your employees will be absent due to sickness or illness. This type of absence will naturally resolve itself, but for a small number of employees, sickness absence can lead to much longer time off work! It's important that you are aware of your employee's health, no matter how small it may be. Most absence is for genuine reasons and is likely to end within seven days and the most common reasons for

Published Monday 19 March 2018

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) In The Workplace

The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage in the wrist through which the median nerve and tendons pass. The median nerve controls movement in the thumb and first three fingers (but not the little finger). Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition where the median nerve is squeezed as it passes through the wrist. When this nerve is squeezed it can cause tingling, numbness, pain or ache in the hand. These symptoms tend to develop gradually and are

Published Friday 16 March 2018

Reducing Back Pain Within The Workplace!

Did you know: Back pain is a major health concern for workers and is likely to affect 80 percent of adults in Brits during their lifetime. Your back is very complex, with structures comprising the interlinking vertebrae bones of the spine, cartilage or discs, muscles, tendons and nerves, and backs play a central role in supporting, moving and protecting our bodies. Any problems with our backs can have a debilitating impact on us physically and

Published Friday 16 March 2018

The First International Occupational Health & Safety Management Standard Published

The first international standard for occupational health and safety management has been published this week!. This is to address the global need to improve the health and safety of workers. The standard, ISO 45001, was developed by the British Standards Institution (BSI) with input from over 70 countries. This encourages employers to view occupational health and safety as an investment rather than a regulatory burden and is also designed to be

Published Friday 16 March 2018

Occupational Asthma- Causes, Treatments & Prevention. 

Did you know that around 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from asthma! This is a condition that causes a sufferer’s airways to become irritated and constricted, making it harder to breathe. With one in 12 adults suffering from asthma, most of us will know at least someone in our workplace who has the condition. Asthma is a long-term condition that can start in childhood or occur later in life- Asthma is not age restricted. It is a condition

Published Wednesday 14 March 2018

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome- Know Your Limits!

It is not necessarily a well-known condition, but one that can cause serious problems for those working with hand-held power tools or other vibratory equipment within there everyday work day. Over two million people in the UK are at risk from hand-arm vibration syndrome. Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome is a condition caused by the prolonged use of vibrating tools, they range from drills, chainsaws, strimmers, sanders and power mowers. If your

Published Wednesday 14 March 2018

Welcoming Our New Doctor of Occupational Health

We are very excited to welcome Dr Karen Nightingale to our team. To give her full title, Dr Karen Nightingale MB BAO ChB DFPH DipLSHTM PGDip MPH MFOM, is an experienced specialist in occupational health and medicine.  Dr Nightingale is a Member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and a Diplomat of the Faculty of Public Health, having qualified from medical school in 1999.  She has a wide range of experience in providing occupational medicine

Published Monday 12 March 2018

What To Expect When Having Earmold Impressions Taken.

There are really five steps in taking an earmold impression. (well, six if you include sending out the impression). Earmold impressions are needed for custom hearing protection- this gives us the 'perfect fit' of the employees ears, ensuring comfort and full protection of the ear! Each step is pain free- may feel a little strange obviously, its not something you do everyday! This information lets you know what occurs in each step so that you

Published Monday 12 March 2018

The Correct Use Of PPE!

If you work in a manual handling job, the chances are you are aware of  the different equipment available and that you may have to wear to protect yourself when doing certain aspects of your job.Tjhis equipment us there to protect you against health & safety risks at work- hense the name! (Personal Protective Equipment) As an employer its your duty to provide your employees with correct PPE while at work. To ensure that risks whilst using

Published Friday 9 March 2018

Identifying Workplace Hazards

You have a legal responsibility as an employer to look after your employee's safety and protect them against health and safety hazards at work. In order to manage workplace health and safety and help prevent accidents and sickness absence, it’s important to identify, monitor and reduce the risk associated with workplace hazards. Workplace hazards are found in any aspects of work that cause health and safety risks and have the potential to harm.

Published Friday 9 March 2018

How The Cold Weather Effects Our Health.

Many areas of the UK are do not experience too many cold winters thanks to the jet stream and Atlantic winds that are more likely to generate warmer, wetter climates, but we still experience cold and snowy periods time to time, when the weather does turn cold, it’s not necessarily a bad thing for our health – Did you know it can reduce inflammation and can encourage the body to burn more calories to stay warm? However, when cold weather does set

Published Thursday 8 March 2018

Custom Hearing Protection

More and more people are claiming for damage to their hearing caused by noise in the workplace. No win no fee lawyers actively seeking clients to help claim against their employers! At Healthscreen we offer a full hearing assessment and occupational hearing management service! We can work with your company to ensure all employees are protected from excessive noise as well as provide peace of mind for your company against any possible claims.

Published Wednesday 7 March 2018

Dermatology Screening At Healthscreen!

The purpose of the health surveillance is to protect the health of the employees by detecting any skin problems in the early stages. Once a skin condition has progressed to a moderate or severe stage, i.e. contact dermatitis (shown in the picture), it may be very difficult to treat an individual and permanent skin damage could have been done.  You should ALWAYS make sure that your workforce is using the correct PPE equipment at all times!!

Published Tuesday 6 March 2018

What Is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is a multidisciplinary field concerned with the safety, health of people at work.  The goals of occupational health programs are to foster a safe and healthy work environment. There are many situations where Occupational Health could be involved with an individual’s employment: Occupational Health mostly focuses on the employee but can also benefit co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be

Published Tuesday 6 March 2018

5 Top Hazards Within The Workplace

When you know how injuries occur in the workplace, you can put in place prevention measures! Recent studies have shown that the most common hazards in a workplace from chemicals, fires, repetitive motion, electricity and fall related injuries. Keeping your employees safe can ensure a happier, more productive workplace. Build safety policies that address the specific hazards in your workplace. Your employees may be at risk of health hazards if

Published Friday 2 March 2018

Professional Audio Surveillance

Audio surveillance for hearing damage usually means: You should really start the audio surveillance before people are exposed to noise (ie for new starters or those changing jobs roles). This will give a baseline on how advanced your employees hearing is. This can also be introduced at any time for employees already exposed to noise. This would be followed by a regular series of checks, usually annually for the first two years of employment and

Published Tuesday 27 February 2018

Professional Lung Function Assessments 

A lung function assessment is used for those employees who are regularly exposed to harmful chemicals or vapours, mists and dusts. If your employees work with any of the following substances, you may require respiratory health surveillance: However, requirements are not restricted to the above, as occupational asthma can also be associated with the following industries: If you detect an employee’s symptoms early enough and reduce their exposure,

Published Monday 26 February 2018

Isocyanate Testing In the Workplace

Isocyanate compounds are found in a diverse range of products, including spray paints, lacquers, adhesives, certain coatings and insulation foam. They are common in motor vehicle repair, printing, boat maintenance and furniture manufacture! The main routes of entry are inhalation and skin contact- PPE is so important and must be worn when carrying out tasks.  Ingestion is possible where poor personal hygiene is observed (e.g. not washing hands

Published Friday 23 February 2018

Employers rights Regarding Drug & Alcohol Testing In The Workplace.

There are so many reasons as to why a company may choose to go ahead with a drug and alcohol test for their employees. The misuse of drugs and alcohol can significantly impact a person’s ability to perform their standard day-to-day activities, leading to reduced productivity throughout, as well as increasing the risk of accidents to themselves and other employees that are working around them. The UK government and the Health and Safety

Published Friday 23 February 2018

Thank you Garry for the amazing feedback!

Thank you, Gary from Carver Engineering, again for such an amazing recommendation for our services to one of our potential clients. " It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services of Healthscreen UK. I looked at several companies to provide us with health surveillance and after compiling a shortlist, I eventually chose Healthscreen UK due to their enthusiasm and professionalism. We have been using Healthscreen for our

Published Friday 16 February 2018

5 quick tips for working in the rain....

With the changing of seasons fast approaching, it is time to watch out for the rainy days. Kids love jumping in the puddles and we all enjoy the expression of dancing in the rain. However, working in it? Not so much! Unfortunately, the uncomfortability of working in the rain isn't the only downfall, with the rain, comes an increased risk to those working outside; Therefore it is important to take extra care and precautions. 

Published Wednesday 14 February 2018

A Day in the Life of an OH Nurse...

Sometimes, understanding something from someone elses                                                                                 perspective is highly important in gaining further information and deeper understanding on differing matters. That is why our amazing occupational health Nurse, Janet Toni, has given us an account of her day-to-day life of attending site to carry out any required surveillance.           Being an OH Nurse, Janet is

Published Monday 15 January 2018

All you need to know about Face Fit Testing...

As an employer, you should be aware how RPE is to be used as the last line of defence against hazards to your employees in the workplace and not as an alternative to finding solutions to possible hazards. However, it is also of high importance to ensure face masks fit correctly to ensure they are providing the expected protection.  It is advised to ensure that no factors can interfere with the face mask providing ultimate protection. Factors

Published Wednesday 3 January 2018

All you need to know about a Safety Critical Worker Medical

We provide Safety Critical Worker Medicals across the United Kingdom. If you require a fit for work medical, give us a call on 01455 234 600 or contact us online now. So you've had a look   into what occupational health surveillance you require and one of them is a Safety-Critical Worker Medical which you may know involves: • A baseline Safety Critical Worker health questionnaire to establish any current or previous medical/psychological health

Published Monday 18 December 2017

Healthscreen welcomes on board 2 new apprentices 

With the fast expansion of Healthscreen in the past year alone, we have welcomed on board 2 new apprentices Jamielee and Grace, who are both about to embark on their new journey to become an administrative assistant and to gain new knowledge on the world of Occupational Health.  Their main duties will involve will include the responsibility for completing a range of administration and customer service duties in order to support the company.

Published Wednesday 13 December 2017

Know the difference between all the HAVS Tiers (1-5)

Multiple studies have shown that regular and frequent exposure to vibration can lead to permanent adverse health effects, which are most likely to occur when contact with a vibrating tool or work process is a regular and significant part of a person’s job. Hand-arm vibration can cause a range of conditions collectively known as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), as well as specific diseases such as white finger or Raynaud’s syndrome, carpal

Published Wednesday 13 December 2017

GP Referral Vs. OHP Referral in Audiometry

Due to SEQOHS accreditation, we have put it into our best practice to recommend employees' see their own GP if something flags on their audiogram even if under the HSE guidance lines they are normal hearing for their age and gender. It may be the case that an employee has wax in their ears and the GP may need to remove it, it is just cautionary and recommended only for personal benefit as well as company benefit.  

Published Monday 11 December 2017

Would you contemplate falsifying driving medical documents?...

According to a recent article published by the HSE, a self-employed driver has been sentenced by Leeds Magistrates Court after he acquired a contract as a commercial driver with an invalid medical certificate of fitness to drive. Not only was this certificate invalid, but the individual had altered his certificate displaying a false expiry date. A good practice is to complete a Driver Medical at the beginning of employment (or at least at the

Published Monday 27 November 2017

Healthscreen joins forces with Hear4U for a Spotacular Event....

On Friday 17th November, we joined with our sister company in Leicester and Hinckley Hear4U to swap our work clothes for our cosy PJ'S and on the baking cloves went to raise money for children in need.  Thank you so much for your support & generosity! We are delighted to announce that on our Hear4u fundraiser cake sale, held on Friday 17th November 2017 we raised a fantastic.. We cannot thank you enough for everyone's support and the yummy cake

Published Tuesday 21 November 2017

101: Safety Helmets

With 600,000 work-place injuries over the course of                                                                                                  2016/17 in Britain alone, can you afford to take the chance of not knowing your PPE? In 1989, the development of  " The Construction Regulations " ensured that in areas where the possibility of head injury is acknowledged, employees were provided with adequate protection in the form of safety

Published Friday 10 November 2017

European Week for Safety and Health in the workplace - 2017

With an estimated 30% of the European workforce estimated at being between the ages of 55-64 by 2030, This year's theme is to raise awareness of our ageing workforce and how we can better ensure their safety within the workplace.  Although there is an ageing working population, many employers see older workers as unfit to work due to 'myths' that they are unable to complete tasks given to them at the same high standard and rate as younger

Published Monday 23 October 2017

Council Fined £150,000 for failing to protect Employees from the risk of HAVS!

Across the UK alone, there are 2 million people who are at a great risk of developing Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). With those working with the below list of tools or employed in the below list of jobs being at the greatest risk.  However, this is a very compact list and any job which involves the prolonged and frequent use of vibrating tools are at risk.  But yet again, as with the above, these are just a compact selection of industries

Published Tuesday 17 October 2017

Healthscreen Stands Alone from Sister Company....

As previously mentioned, this new office is going to give us the much-needed room to grow the team at the same rate as the company itself is growing. Already in the past few weeks, we have welcomed a new gentleman to the HealthScreen team. David Smith is training to provide services such as Hearing Tests,  Lung Function Tests etc. either on-site or at one of our HealthScreen Premises. David served 8 years in the grenadier guards which he did two

Published Friday 13 October 2017

Winter Cold or Occupational Asthma...

With the winter season coming in its easy to mistake the primary symptoms of a winter cold for Occupational Asthma. With over 5.4 million individuals suffering from asthma in the UK alone; you could easily be or know someone who makes up the 1 in 12 people who suffer from asthma.  Some of the below jobs are obvious in terms of the chance of developing asthma but not all. Even if you don't see your current job listed below, these are just the

Published Friday 22 September 2017

The Evolution of PPE - Respirators

From hard hats to safety glasses, PPE has became a mandatory stable for tradesman within the industrial industry. Defined as personal equipment which when worn correctly minimises the risk of exposure to serious workplace incidents. Unfortunately PPE is often overlooked which results in the the large number of incidents we often see through the media platforms.  The use of respirators in world war 1 was the first well documented use of PPE which

Published Tuesday 19 September 2017

Drugs, Alcohol & The Workplace

We have previously touched upon the high importance of alcohol and drug testing in the workplace, however what happens in your personal life can have drastic consequences on your professional life, however with 2016 summer crackdown by the police on motorists, 4,539 motorists tested positive or refused to provide a sample to be tested. How many of these could of been your employees?  It is of great importance and responsibility to have a

Published Friday 15 September 2017

New Development on the Horizon - OZONE

Here at Healthscreen we constantly have discussions on what more we can do so you fully benefit from our Occupational Health services. From discussions with clients and between ourselves one thing that kept being mentioned was the amount f paper being used. Which for our larger clients is an issue at time. Imagine a client wanting lung surveillance for 20 employees. The Respiratory assessment along with the Respiratory employee questionaire is 5

Published Friday 8 September 2017

Understanding Isocyanate Monitoring

Containing Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen...Isocyanates are Carbon-based organic substances; Found in many products ranging from glues, installation foams and paints. With a solid safety scheme in place, workers shouldn't inhale Isocyanates however many factors can increase chances of exposure which we will cover within this blog. Isocyanate monitoring is both simplistic and straightforward with only a collection of urine sample required. This is

Published Tuesday 5 September 2017

What is Occupational Health?

Everyday we are bombarded with news article after news article on how this Health and Safety regulation was breached and this other one was breached. But can you tell me the definition of Occupational Health? The difference between Health Surveillance, Health Assessment and Monitoring? Within this blog we aim to help you improve your understanding of the great importance that Occupational Health brings to a company along with the many benefits. 

Published Thursday 31 August 2017

Take Action Today on Dermatitis....

DRY ITCHY SKIN? STARTING TO GO RED??...                                                                                                        If so you need to read this article. Red patches on your skin, which are starting to get itchy with dryness are 9 times out of 10 the first signs of dermatitis. According to the HSE; Contact dermatitis is the leading type of occupationally induced skin diseases.                                            

Published Wednesday 23 August 2017

Child of only 8 years old suffers avoidable life changing injuries

We often see news articles where by easily avoidable accidents occur; However it is rare when we see one in which shacks us as much as this article we came across recently.  With the summer in full swing, farmers often take on little helpers to assist in simple day-to-day running of a farm which are usually known to be a residence of a family. Although even the simplest of duties shouldn't be over looked by the weary eye when identifying

Published Monday 21 August 2017

Work Place Hearing Loss....

"SORRY CAN YOU REPEAT THAT!?"....How many times have you or a                                                                                 colleague had to shout or repeat something whilst at work, simply due to not hearing them, even though they're less than 3 feet away? Although hearing loss can occur whilst enjoying day to day things like attending theme parks, gigs or festivals. Hearing loss within the workplace is a disease which creeps

Published Monday 14 August 2017


When searching for your PPE needs do you understand the difference                                                                             between what each EN standard (EN....) refers to? If not then your not the only one, It is common for people to blindly purchase a product based of its description with no regards to the EN Standard which could mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful purchase. With our launch of our

Published Tuesday 8 August 2017

The importance of being a SEQOHS accredited Occupational Health provider ...

Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service After working towards our SEQOHS accreditation we were finally awarded it in September 2015. We are happy that this is both a proof and a recognition of our commitment to offering the highest quality occupational health and safety services in the Midlands and across the United Kingdom.  SEQOHS (Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service) is a set of standards and a process of voluntary

Published Monday 31 July 2017

Launch of our new online PPE shop

Here at Healthscreen; We are proud to announce that after liaising with our supplier, web team and a selection of clients on our network;  Our online PPE shop is now live!  (click here to check out our new shop) Offering all the essentials for you and your employees to stay safe in environments where an individuals health and safety is at risk due to the nature of their work environment.   We have taken on this new endeavour, due to countless

Published Monday 24 July 2017

          Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol misuse within the workplace can potentionally cause severe negative repercussions upon not only the individual abusing alcohol and drug substances; but also upon their co-workers the companies productivity and efficency, along with the companies reputation. Workplace drug and alcohol testing can protect your employees and your business.   "It is an offence under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 for any person knowingly to permit the

Published Wednesday 5 July 2017

The Importance of Pre-Employment Medicals

Hiring staff is a difficult enough proposition today. Are they the right fit, are they motivated enough, will they offer the business what it needs? All of these questions can be difficult to answer during the interview process. However, they aren't the only questions that you need to answer about a new employee. You also need to know do they have any existing health conditions and what is their general health. Pre-employment medicals ensure

Published Thursday 29 June 2017

What you need to know about Workplace Hearing tests...

The noise at work regulations 2005, requires all employers to prevent or reduce risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work. A part of the risk reduction is understanding the impact of noise on hearing and ascertaining the hearing thresholds of your employees and any prospect employees through occupational hearing tests. However on a regular basis we get query after query on the importance of hearing tests and what it involves. So

Published Tuesday 27 June 2017

Proper PPE Saves Lives! Why isn't it Designed For Women?

You know, a recent study we saw shocked us, I mean really caught us by surprise. As we go about our business providing health and safety services across the UK, we often see women wearing PPE that isn't really tailored for them. It often struck us as odd, but we didn't think that much about it. When you wake up to go work in the morning, what are your first thoughts? Running late? Meeting deadlines? Impressing the new boss? Now imagine being one

Published Friday 23 June 2017

Cover Up of Health & Safety Violations in The Case of a Death Leads To Prison For Men

Unfortunately it is something that we hear all too often. Someone being hurt because of a flagrant and often stupid health and safety violation. In the case of Benjamin Edge who was 25 and a father of one, those health and safety violations led directly to his death. What perhaps makes this case worse for the family of Ben Edge is that the people who were responsible for his health and safety not just failed, but then went on to try and cover up

Published Friday 17 March 2017

Helping Ex Service Personnel With Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Here at Hear4U & Healthscreen we want to provide the very best hearing services for you, as a thank you for the service you gave for our country. If you believe you are suffering from a hearing loss due to having worked as a UK Veteran we would like to help you. With the help of our leading manufacturers and their extensive range of hearing aids and a personalised care plan, along with our compassionate and professional service, we would like to

Published Tuesday 18 October 2016

Occupational Health Surveillance an Imperative in Some Cases

A recent case where a bakery in Hertforshire was fined by the HSE reminded us that even in the case where protective measures are in place, sometimes health surveillance is still an imperative. Let us explain.  The bakery was fined for a series of issues but one caught our attention. One of the failings was that lung function surveillance was not provided for its staff. In this case, exposure to flour dust was a concern, and even after HSE had

Published Wednesday 14 September 2016

Construction union voices health and safety concerns

The Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT) has come out against Laing O’Rourke’s new safety policy warning that they feel it could damage the UK’s health and safety culture. Safety differently is the brain child of John Green, health and safety director for Laing O’Rourke's Europe hub. After spending five years in Australia, Green returned to the UK in summer 2015. In Australia, he successfully turned ideas in a book by

Published Thursday 1 September 2016

Download Your Free Guide To Occupational Health Surveillance

We thought it would make it a little easier for you if we gathered together an easy guide to Occupational Health Surveillance. It details what health surveillance is, how it is planned and what you need to think about in your workplace.  Simply click the image to the right to go to the guide, then save the PDF to your computer for later reference We hope that the guide helps you to understand your occupational health surveillance needs

Published Friday 12 August 2016

Download Your Risk Assessment Guide

We thought it would make it a little easier for you if we gathered together a risk assessment guide. It details what you need to think about when you are undertaking a risk assessment in your workplace.  Simply click the image to the right to go to the guide, then save the PDF to your computer for later reference We hope that the guide makes your risk assessment a little easier It is important to you and your employees that you make sure your

Published Thursday 11 August 2016

Are Your Employees Wearing The Right PPE?

As an employer it is important that you supply PPE to protect the health and safety of your employees. Many think that providing gloves, boots and other equipment is a simple exercise and once it is done, all of the requirements have been met. Unfortunately, it isn't as simple as that.  When you supply personal protective equipment it is important that you undertake a thorough risk assessment to identify the tasks, the risks and the PPE that

Published Sunday 31 July 2016

Training Day For Industry, October 10th

We will be holding a training event on October the 10th that we believe will help you protect your business and your employers. The training event will cover the need for drug and alcohol screening in the workplace and health and wellbeing for employees.  With the change in roadside breathalyser laws in 2015, it is inherent upon you as a company owner to consider how a drug and alcohol screening programme can fit into your business. This type of

Published Monday 25 July 2016

The Difference Between Hazard & Risk 

The terms Hazard and Risk are often used interchangeably but they are not the same thing . This is important in the context of risk management in the workplace. So we decide to take a quick look at the terms and what they mean in this context. When we refer to hazards in occupational safety and health the most commonly used definition is ‘A Hazard is a potential source of harm or adverse health effect on a person or persons’.

Published Wednesday 6 July 2016

Firm Fined One Million Pounds For Death of Employee

Watling Tyre Service, a Kent tyre company with fifteen outlets around the South East of England, has been sentenced for safety failings that led to the death of 21-year-old Matthew Hoare, from Canterbury. Matthew was killed when a tyre he was repairing exploded. Matthew was repairing a puncture to the tyre of a dresser loading shovel when it exploded. An investigation undertaken by the HSE found that Matthew was working on his own, that the

Published Thursday 2 June 2016

Occupational Health Screening Errors Lead To Fines

Two construction firms who are based in Derbyshire were fined for safety breaches as a result of separate investigations. The investigations were undertaken into reported cases of carpal tunnel syndrome and hand arm vibration syndrome in their employees. The Crown Court in Derby was told how employees at Sandvik Mining and Construction Limited and Sandvik Construction Mobile Crushers and Screeners Limited were regularly exposed to hand arm

Published Thursday 19 May 2016

Roadside Workplace Safety & The Right Equipment

In a departure from our usual articles, we have a guest post from Dennis Kaminski who is the Founder of an American safety supplies company called SafetyMart. They supply a huge variety of safety equipment that meet the needs of every workplace. When your workplace is the roadside, you need to take every precaution necessary to keep your employees safe. That includes using all of the right equipment. Dennis will give us a full rundown of what

Published Saturday 7 May 2016

Menopause can be a Positive Experience

Kathryn Colas, Founder and Managing Director of SimplyHormones, the first organisation to create bespoke digital education and training programmes about menopause. SimplyHormones has been operating successfully since 2008. Their client base covers a wide spectrum of the public and private sectors. Kathryn is a recognised expert often appearing on radio and television - BBC Breakfast, ITV, Sky TV plus BBC radio across the UK as well as popular

Published Thursday 5 May 2016


Occupational asthma is caused/exacerbated by exposure to irritants/substances in the workplace. There are two types of occupational asthma and each type is dependent upon the cause. it is triggered by allergens such as dust, animals, car fumes, paint fumes.  Allergens are called respiratory sensitizers as they cause changes in your airways to become hypersensitive.   It can take days, weeks, months or even years to become sensitised to an

Published Tuesday 3 May 2016

Designing an occupational health surveillance strategy

As an employer and under the relevant health and safety regulations, the obligation is on you to decide if health surveillance is needed and to institute it. There are definitive regulations that cover health surveillance for certain industries and particular working practices. Health surveillance may be required by law if your employees are exposed to noise or vibration, solvents, fumes, dusts, biological agents and other substances hazardous

Published Monday 2 May 2016

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Taining

227-229 Hinckley Road, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE10 1QT On 2 March 2015, the drug driving law changed to make it easier for the police to catch and convict  drivers under the influence of drugs. Healthscreen now provide training courses on Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Testing in the Workplace at our training venue in Leicester. This course helps you to be aware of alcohol and drug problems, the effect alcohol and drug misuse has on a

Published Wednesday 27 April 2016

Case Study: Man sentenced after worker is fatally crushed in a trench

Date: 11 April 2016 A self-employed contractor has been sentenced after an employee was killed when the trench he was working in collapsed on him. Swansea Magistrates’ Court heard how William Ryan Evans was contracted to construct a drainage field comprising of infiltration pipes laid at the bottom of deep trenches. He employed two workers and a subcontractor excavator to undertake the work at Longstone Farm, in Pembrokeshire. Hywel Glyndwr

Published Tuesday 19 April 2016

Occupational Health Screening, The Benefits

An occupational health screening strategy and health promotion in your businness can be a very effective way of increasing employee morale. It can also benefit the business by reducing sickness and corresponding absence levels. Let's take a deeper look at what the benefits are.  Looking after the long term health of your employees is good business sense. Employees are the lifeblood of any company, their morale and health is important to the

Published Saturday 16 April 2016

What is an Occupational Health Assessment?

An Occupational Health Assessment is a medical examination carried out by a qualified Occupational Health Professional. An occupational health assessment is used to advise employers on an employee's health issues in relation to their work. It is also used to make recommendations on adjustments in working practices that could be considered to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for that employee. These health assessments are usually

Published Thursday 7 April 2016

Hearing Tests in The Workplace, What's Involved?

We regularly undertake hearing tests in the workplace for our customers which helps them to meet their requirements under the health and safety at work act. It is a simple process which causes very little interruption to their business, we make sure of that. So let's talk you through what we offer.  First off, let's look at the requirements, if you employ staff within a noisy working environment, it is a legal requirement to protect their

Published Tuesday 22 March 2016

Director handed six month suspended sentence

A director of a firm in Wembley which prepares used cars for recycling has received a six month suspended jail sentence for health and safety breaches. A worker suffered severe crush injuries to his left arm and was trapped for two hours in the incident. He was injured while helping to move scrap cars into the back of a shipping container. The container was being made ready for their export to Pakistan where the metal would be sold for

Published Tuesday 22 March 2016

Occupational Dermatitis The Facts 

According to the HSE, occupational dermatitis is one of the most widespread causes of ill health and affects workers across different industries, including food processing and especially catering. The also say that nationally across all industries, an estimated 84,000 people have dermatitis caused or made worse by their work. The food and catering industries account for about 10% of this figure though, so it appears important that all industries

Published Wednesday 9 March 2016

Health Surveillance in The Construction Sector

Ongoing health surveillance of your employees is a means of detecting any harmful changes to their health. It also allows you  identify if further corrective action is needed at an early stage.  Health surveillance will allow you to ascertain if the health risk management system you have put in place is correctly working. Health surveillance is a statutory risk based system of ongoing health checks when exposing workers to substances or

Published Monday 22 February 2016

Plumber Receives Suspended Sentence & Fine

Colin Jones, an Exeter plumber left a gas meter and gas pipe in a dangerous state in a customer’s home after he had undertaken unregistered gas work. He had moved a gas meter at the property in The Mede in Exeter and then connected a new gas boiler to it. Shortly after this work the homeowners smelt gas and called Wales and West Utilities who attended the scene. They found two gas leaks, one on the gas meter supply pipe and one on the gas pipe

Published Friday 19 February 2016

Legionella Training Courses Across The UK

We offer Legionella risk management and risk assessment services across the United Kingdom. As part of our services we also offer Legionella Training courses, the courses can be tailored to suit your needs and involve a mixture of class based teaching and practical exercises. Our view is that customers shouldn’t have to lose 1 or 2 days away from the office. We aim to achieve an appropriate level of legionella training in 1 day and courses can

Published Monday 1 February 2016

Occupational Health Surveillance

In some cases that question is easily answered, if your employees work with certain substances or in certain situations then occupational health surveillance is required. Medical surveillance is a legal requirement for the following workplace exposures: Before we move on, let's look at the regulations. Under the regulations, medical surveillance is ruled appropriate for the following substances and work. If your employees work in this manner

Published Monday 25 January 2016

Let's Talk About Occupational Health Surveillance

Occupational health has moved it's focus from the treatment of occupational disease to the prevention of it in the first place. As part of this fundamental change in outlook it was realised that monitoring the health of the workforce on an ongoing basis could lead to early intervention and prevention. That in essence is what occupational health surveillance is all about, ongoing monitoring of the workforce for prevention of occupational disease.

Published Sunday 17 January 2016

Companies Fined After Injuries During Cold Store Collapse

Simple process and communication failures led to fines being levied on two companies for a incident that led to serious injuries to two workers. The companies were fined for safety failings that led to two workers being seriously injured at a construction site when a cold store they were working on collapsed under them. John Sisk and Son Limited, of Curo Park, Frogmore, St. Albans, Hertfordshire was found guilty of an offence under Section 3(1)

Published Sunday 17 January 2016

Occupational Asthma, What You Need To Know!

How many of you know that Occupational Asthma is one of the most commonly reported work related diseases in numerous countries? Or how many of you know what Occupational asthma is and how is it caused or exacerbated? Occupational asthma is caused/exacerbated by exposure to irritants/substances in the workplace.  There are two types of occupational asthma and each type is dependent upon the cause. The most common type of occupational asthma is

Published Thursday 7 January 2016

Let's talk controlling risks in your workplace

As part of managing the health and safety of your business you must identify and control the risks in your workplace. Although each workplace is different and may have different risks, the process of doing so remains similar. The risks in an office may be far different to the risks on a building site but the key is that there is risks or hazards at both sites that you need to identify and reduce. 

Published Tuesday 5 January 2016

How You Can Avoid Tougher Sanctions in 2016

2016 marks a change in health & safety legal matters with the new sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences to become active from February 1, 2016. There has been concern for some time that penalties imposed for healthy and safety offences, particularly on larger organisations, were too low. It was also thought that the approach to sentencing in the courts was inconsistent across different areas.

Published Saturday 2 January 2016

Death of a Scaffolder leads to huge fines

An incident which resulted in serious injuries to one Scaffolder and the death of another in Rugby has led to two companies being fined a total of £1.3million at Warwick Crown Court. The court was told John Altoft, 29, who was just weeks away from his wedding day was killed when he fell to his death after being struck by falling debris inside an industrial tower. On 18 January 2012, a team from Cape Industrial Services Ltd including the

Published Monday 28 December 2015

The Moment Workmen Cut Through an 11,000 Volt Cable

Another case that shows the importance of proper health and safety assessments of work and workplace. If proper procedures had been followed, the incident could have been completely avoidable.  Two construction companies have been fined £90,000 after two workers were seriously burned, and one scarred for life after they cut into a live 11,000v electrical cable in Millbank, London. Southwark Crown Court heard that the labourer and a bricklayer

Published Saturday 19 December 2015

Working At Height & Health & Safety

Every year employees suffer life changing injuries or die from fall from height at work. The sad thing is that often these incidents could be avoided by the simple application of health and safety principles. Beside the human suffering, these incidents lead to prosecutions and large financial cost for the companies involved. These incidents are not malicious in nature, they are caused by cutting corners, bad planning and sometimes downright

Published Thursday 10 December 2015

Leicestershire tradesman fined after employee lost fingers

Richard John Pullinger, a sole trader twho recycles cardboard in Polesworth, was fined at Nuneaton Magistrates Court after a 19-year-old employee suffered severe damage to his left hand. While working with the machine his hand was drawn into a roller press that had no guards on it. The court was told that the employee, Wade Moore had only been working for Mr Pullinger for three weeks. On the day in question he had his hand on top of cardboard as

Published Tuesday 8 December 2015

Let's Talk About Noise in The Workplace

Many employees in the United Kingdom are exposed to noise levels in the workplace that may be harmful to their hearing. Hearing loss caused by workplace noise exposure is preventable, but once hearing is damaged it is not repairable. Some 17,000 people in the UK suffer hearing loss, ringing in the ears or other ear conditions caused by excessive noise exposure in the workplace. It is a costly problem and not just in monetary terms, there is also

Published Tuesday 1 December 2015

Workplace Vehicle Safety Leicester

Just recently a commercial vehicle company was ordered to pay more than £212,000 after a worker was killed at one of its West Midlands sites. Craig Stewart Dunn, a father of three aged 44, was working for Imperial Commercial Ltd in Wellesbourne when he was crushed by a heavy goods vehicle. The lorry had been travelling less than 5km per hour and its driver thought he'd hit a stationary vehicle. The court was told that occasionally employees of

Published Sunday 22 November 2015

Health & Safety & Vehicles in The Workplace

Vehicles in the workplace continue to be a major cause of fatal and major injuries in the United Kingdom. The HSE reports that every year there are over 5000 incidents that involve some sort of transport in the workplace. Around 50 of these incident result in fatalities. It is obvious from the figures that vehicles in the workplace need to be covered by strong health and safety planning to manage risk associated with their function. 

Published Sunday 15 November 2015

New Health & Safety Prosecution Guidelines

NEW sentencing guidelines that have been published by the Sentencing Council will ensure a consistent, fair and proportionate approach to sentencing organizations or individuals convicted of corporate manslaughter or health and safety offences. Up to now, there has been limited guidance for judges and magistrates in dealing with what can be complex and serious health & safety offences that do not come before the courts as frequently as general

Published Tuesday 10 November 2015

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

COSHH is the law that requires all employers to control any substance that are hazardous to health. In order to meet all the needs of this regulation you need to take certain steps. You can prevent or if prevention is not possible, reduce workers exposure to hazardous substances by: Most businesses across industries use substances, or products that are mixtures of substances. Some industrial processes create substances. Some of these substances

Published Tuesday 3 November 2015

Firm Fined £50,000 Over Worker's Death

 A Dundee employer has been fined £50,000 after a worker died from the inhalation of fumes while cleaning a chemical stripping paint tank at a motor vehicle repair company. The Dundee Sheriff Court heard how on the 18th of August 2011, Steven Conway, 33, from Dundee died from the inhalation of dichloromethane vapour. Mr Conway was employed by Diamond Wheels (Dundee) Limited to undertake general duties at its Dryburgh Industrial Estate, premises.

Published Monday 2 November 2015

New Health Warning To Stone Workers From HSE

In a recent press release the Health and Safety Executive is urging the stone industry to do more to protect workers’ health. The warning arose following the findings of a recent inspection initiative undertaken in the south of England. Inspectors from the HSE visited sixty stone businesses, including work surface manufacturers, stonemasons and monumental masons during the initiative. The inspections ran from June to September, and the

Published Tuesday 27 October 2015

Builder Fined in Bristol After Worker Suffers Life Changing Injuries

A builder from Wedmore has been fined for safety failings at Bristol Crown Court after an employee suffered life changing injuries when he fell through a fragile roof light while working. The Crown Court heard how in August 2014, the 25-year-old employee of N C Tucker Limited of Wedmore, fell five metres through a fragile roof light at a farm during roofing work. The HSE investigated the incident and instituted the proceedings. 

Published Wednesday 21 October 2015

Health & Safety Questions? We can Help Answer Them

We know that you have a lot of questions about health and safety in the workplace. So we added a live talk facility to the website so you can speak to us directly online.  We are only happy to answer any questions that you have, just click the green bar to the bottom right and ask away.  Of course, we still answer the phone! So call us on 01455 234 600 if that suits you better. 

Published Wednesday 21 October 2015

Let's Talk About ART!

The ART tool is designed to help you to assess the risk associated with tasks within your workplace that require repetitive movement of the upper limbs (arms and hands). It will assist you in assessing some of the common risk factors in repetitive work that contribute to the development of Upper Limb Disorders (ULDs). The ART tool is intended for people with responsibility for the design, assessment, management, and inspection of any type of

Published Monday 19 October 2015

Woodworking Firm Fined For Safety Breach in Leeds

A woodworking firm, Spa Laminates Limited, was fined for safety breaches after stacks of boards fell onto two employees during their working day and injured both of them, one seriously. Leeds Magistrates’ Court heard that, in August 2012, a fork-lift truck was working closely with two pedestrians during a lifting operation. The forklift hit a stack of boards which knocked into one worker. He then fell onto a second stack stack of boards knocking

Published Wednesday 14 October 2015

Drugs & Alcohol in The Workplace

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace is a major concern for employers, recently with changes in road side testing it has really come to the fore of everyone's mind. Employees under the influence are a danger to themselves and other employees. Depending on their employment role, they can also be a danger to the general public. So what do you need to know and what can be done to tackle the issue of substance abuse in the workplace.

Published Saturday 10 October 2015

Your Health & Safety Strategy, Falls, Slips & Trips

Work-related falls happen across all industries in the UK, including construction, office, and warehousing . Falls, slips, or tripping accidents are usually simple enough but they can be costly to employers and the health of employees. These accidents can often be prevented and you should pay strong attention to them as part of your overall health and safety strategy. To do so though, it helps to understand why the accidents happen and what

Published Thursday 8 October 2015

Sam Bennett, Runner Up In Women In Business 2015

All of us at HealthScreen would like to congratulate Sam our Founding Partner and COO, she was the runner up in the small business category of the Women In Business Awards Leicester 2015. It is a recognition of the sterling work she does and the way HealthScreen UK has expanded and excelled over the years.  The gala event was well attended and Sam even got to see a celeb or two. Sam was really chuffed with the nomination and even more so with

Published Thursday 1 October 2015

Drug & Alcohol Screening, Why You Need it For Your Employees

Since March 2015 new legislation has been introduced in relation to drug driving. The new rules run alongside the existing law, under which it is an offence to drive when impaired by any drug. The new regulations set low levels for the eight illegal drugs, with higher levels set for eight prescription drugs, including morphine and methadone. The law has been introduced in such a way that those using prescription drugs that have been prescribed

Published Sunday 27 September 2015

HealthScreen is Now SEQOHS Accredited

After three years, we were told today that we had received the SEQOHS accreditation. It has been difficult at times and intensive learning, but it was all worth it when we read this: SEQOHS or, Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service, is a set of standards and a process of voluntary accreditation that aims to help to raise the overall standard of care provided by occupational health services. It is a tough, if completely voluntary,

Published Monday 21 September 2015

Occupational Health Services Success!

At HealthScreen we have expanded the occupational health services we offer this year because of demand from our customer base. This expansion has proved to be a huge success for us, driving more and more commissions from both our existing customers and new customers. This is by far the best year that HealthScreen has had in business. We lay the success of this year firmly at the feet of the customers we have served and continue to serve. 

Published Thursday 17 September 2015

Asbestos, What You Need To Know To Keep Safe

Asbestos, unlike many other harmful substances at work is actually a natural substance. A substance that humans have been mining and using for up to 4500 years. However, the modern era of asbestos use began in the 1850s. The use of asbestos became increasingly widespread towards the end of the 19th century. It was used for products such as fire retardant coatings, concrete, bricks, pipes and fireplace cement, heat, fire, and acid resistant

Published Wednesday 16 September 2015

Occupational Hearing Loss, Tips To Protect Your Hearing

Noise has a detrimental effect on humans in general, it appears we are not built for the noisy society that we now live and work in. Noise can affect your daily performance, behaviour and of course your hearing. Exposure to noise has health implications that actually go far beyond damage to hearing. Noise can distract, disturb and interfere with communication and sleep. It can also raise blood pressure and make people irritable.  

Published Monday 14 September 2015

Is Night Work Killing Your Employees?

There has been a steady stream of studies over recent years that suggests long-term night-working is extremely bad for your health. It’s quite a sobering thought for those who have to work at night and the businesses that employ them. There are currently 3.5 million people in the UK who do shift work. Many work long hours, working through the night. Disruption of sleep is not a problem for just night workers though, it appears to be a widespread

Published Saturday 12 September 2015

Hearing Loss in Industry Claims Rise in 2015

We came across an interesting piece on the interweb the other day. The piece was on The Actuary .Com and was about a significant rise in hearing loss claims in the UK in 2015. It also said that hearing loss claims had seen increases in 2010 and 2013. However, there had been a decrease in 2014. The article said that based on figures provided by the What was interesting was that on average half of the claims made resulted in a zero payout. 70% of

Published Tuesday 1 September 2015

Occupational Health Needs & Problems in The Construction Sector

HSE estimates that two million people within the the Uk currently suffer from an illness caused by , or made worse by their working environment. Ill ­health can have a significant impact on the person affected but through loss of productivity, it can also have a dramatic effect on the business. According to the HSE, sickness absence costs the Uk economy an estimated £12 billion per annum. The construction industry is no different than any other

Published Thursday 27 August 2015

Occupational Health in The Motor Vehicle Repair Sector

There have been over 7000 injuries and 33 deaths in the motor vehicle repair (MVR) industry over the last 5 years according to the HSE website. Because of the nature of the materials used, there is widespread potential for work-related ill health in MVR body shops. Many of the substances used require careful storage, handling and control. It makes sense to have a strong occupational health strategy to protect your employees and your business. 

Published Saturday 22 August 2015

Respiratory Disease in The Workplace

Work-related respiratory disease is not just one singular disease. The term covers a range of illnesses that are caused or made worse by breathing in hazardous substances in the workplace. Substances that damage the lungs can be dusts, fumes or gases. The most prevalent of the diseases that are termed occupational respiratory diseases are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and silicosis.

Published Monday 17 August 2015

Hearing Screening in the Workplace, Food Manufacturing

The exposure to noise at work can cause irreversible hearing damage to employees. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the most common occupational health problems. It can also be one of the most difficult to detect as the effects on hearing build up gradually over a long period of time. Across all industry, industrial hearing loss remains the occupational disease with the highest number of civil claims. NIHL accounts for about 75% of all

Published Tuesday 11 August 2015

Spirometry in The Workplace

The term work-related respiratory disease covers a range of differing illnesses that are caused, or made worse by breathing in hazardous substances in the workplace. This substances such as dusts, fumes and gases, are varied from industry to industry but all will damage the lungs . The most prevalent of these workplace caused diseases are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and silicosis. 

Published Thursday 6 August 2015

What You Need To Know About Occupational Health in Food Manufacturing

Occupational health risks across different industries are often similar, but each industry has its' own risks that are peculiar to that industry. It is often the case that some occupational health topics and concerns are more important in some industries than others. In this article I would like to explore the topics that are most prevelant in the food manufacturing industry.  Every year, in the food and drink manufacture industry, around 19,000

Published Monday 3 August 2015

Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Industry

Every day, we experience sound, such as the sounds from television and radio, household appliances, and traffic. Normally, these sounds are at safe levels that won't and don’t damage our hearing. However, sounds can be harmful when they are too loud, even for a brief time, or when they are both loud and long-lasting. These sounds can damage sensitive structures in the inner ear and cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL).

Published Sunday 2 August 2015

Latest Occupational News Round Up

Here is a short round up of some news from around Britain that caught our eye in the last day or two.  Mansfield Magistrates' Court heard Nottinghamshire Council staff were using a lightweight all-terrain vehicle to travel around the park whilst emptying litter bins at the Robin Hood Festival in August 2011. Nottinghamshire County Council of County Hall, Fox Road, West Bridgford pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 3(1)(b) of the Management of

Published Wednesday 29 July 2015

Why You Need Hearing Screening At Your Business

Exposure to noise at work can cause irreversible hearing damage. It is one of the commonest health problems and can be difficult to detect as hearing loss happens very gradually over time. Throughout all industry in the United Kingdom, industrial hearing loss remains the occupational disease with the highest number of civil claims accounting for about 75% of all occupational disease claims. For this reason alone it is important for every

Published Monday 27 July 2015

Round up of the latest occupational news

We have decided to start delivering some of the latest news items from the occupational health world in the United Kingdom. So here is our first quick round up of the latest occupational health happenings in the UK AN oil and gas service company has admitted health and safety breaches in an accident which left one of its workers seriously injured. Dales Marine Services was fined £20,000 after pleading guilty to failing to ensure the safety of

Published Monday 27 July 2015

Biological Monitoring, Why Its Important For Industry

As part of your occupational health strategy, you might have to introduce biological monitoring. What is it though and who should consider using it? Biological monitoring (BM) is used to assess exposure of a person to any chemical or metal. The assessment of exposure is undertaken by the measurement of a chemical/metal or its breakdown products in blood, urine or breath. We undertake biological monitoring for both lead and isocyanates as part of

Published Thursday 23 July 2015

COSHH Health Surveillance, What is it?

Simply put, Health surveillance is any activity which involves obtaining information about employees' health on an ongoing basis and which contributes to protecting employees from health risks at work. It should not be confused with general health screening or health promotion. Health surveillance is a process; it may be a regular planned assessment of one or more aspects of a worker's health, for example: lung function or skin condition.

Published Tuesday 21 July 2015

There Are Hazards To Prolonged Standing At Work

Recently, research on the health risks of prolonged sitting at work have been prominent in the headlines. However, we read a great article recently on Medical News Today that detailed the findings of a new study on standing at work. The study from the department of health sciences and technology at ETH Zürich in Switzerland, published in Human Factors, the journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. also highlights the hazards of

Published Thursday 16 July 2015

Musculoskeletal Disorders in Industry

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) mainly comprise: WRULDs are chronic (persistent) injuries such as tenosynovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome and result from repetitive tasks such as on production lines. WRULDs account for around 23% of cases of occupational ill health in food and drink manufacture. Chronic back pain can result from repetitive or awkward lifting (e.g. on packing lines, production lines) and account for around 35% of cases of

Published Tuesday 14 July 2015


We would like to announce that Kerry Budworth has successfully passed the first two units of the National General Certificate and has just sent the final unit, NGC3 in for marking. Hopefully we will soon be able to announce that Kerry has gained the National General Certificate.

Published Thursday 21 May 2015


Usable straight out of the box, and featuring state-of-the-art CENS® digital technology, the new Mino CENS® offers shooters an affordable way to experience comprehensive CENS® digital electronic hearing protection. Mino CENS® universal electronic ear plugs are specifically designed to fit into any ear without the need for ear impressions or a custom-made earmould, and like full CENS®Proflex, also still allows for clear communication as well

Published Monday 13 April 2015


Healthscreen are exhibiting at THE NEC HEALTH AND SAFTEY EVENT in BIRMINGHAM from Tuesday 24th till Thursday 26th March.  We have speical offers on our custom made hearing protection, products and services for this event only. We also have a business card draw for your chance to win a hamper all you need to do is come to our stand *H38* enter your business card into our bowl. Winner to be annouced on Thursday 26th March. Good luck !

Published Friday 20 March 2015

Deaf Children Are Being Failed by the Education System

Imagine a world where nearly two thirds of children were leaving school without getting good GCSEs. Parents would rightly be furious that their child hadn't got the right support at school. There would be outrage and a clamour for urgent action. But when it comes to deaf children, this is the reality that we face. The latest figures from the government, published today show that just 36% of deaf children achieved the government's benchmark for

Published Monday 2 February 2015

Report reveals audiology depts under pressure

Two in five NHS audiology departments (41%) are being forced to cut core services due to shrinking budgets or increased demand, affecting hundreds of thousands of people across the UK, according to our new report launched today. Freedom of Information requests, which we issued to every NHS adult audiology service in the UK, reveal that the NHS is already struggling to cope with reduced staff numbers, restricted access to hearing aids and

Published Wednesday 17 June 2015

Christmas Opening Hours

Published Tuesday 2 December 2014

Duke of Edinburgh seen wearing hearing aids for first time

Presented with a pair of ear defenders for his ninetieth birthday the Duke of Edinburgh joked: “Can you get Radio 3 on this?’’ One can only imagine, then, the scene when Prince Philip, now 93, was fitted with the pair of hearing aids that he wore for the first time in public on Tuesday. Although particularly discreet, the devices, which are available through the NHS, could be seen in the form of two thin wires inserted into the Duke's ears at a

Published Tuesday 25 November 2014

Deaf for a day by John Barrowman

Torchwood's main man agreed to 'go deaf for the day' in London John Barrowman had his hearing reduced by 50 to 60 per cent Actor was helped throughout the day by a hearing dog; Robyn BBC star is an ambassador for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People As I walked along the Edgware Road, I felt as though the world was closing in on  me. I could no longer hear the sound of busy London traffic, footsteps walking behind me or the buzz of conversation around

Published Monday 1 September 2014

Deaf woman adopts deaf dog who knows sign language

Home > Blog > Deaf woman adopts deaf dog who knows sign language The staff at a Nebraska humane society says it can be hard for older or disabled dogs to get adopted. But one three year old pit bull who captured the heart of a volunteer is headed to her forever home with a very special family who can relate. Both the dog and her new human, are deaf. Tracie Pfeifle says Rosie the pit bull faces challenges that other shelter dogs don't.

Published Monday 12 May 2014

TESCO Being Sued over Rat Disease

A Lorry Driver is suing Tesco alleging he almost died from a disease caught off Rats in its' warehouses. Darren Finn 39 said Weils disease left him on deaths door.  The dad of two from Epping, Essex claims Tescos' depots were the only place he came into contact with rats. We deliver a comprehensive Training Programme on working alongside rats, pest control and the precautions that should be taken.  If you would like further information, please

Published Monday 7 April 2014

Deaf workers in a hearing world

A Regular helping of news of interest to the deaf community, compiled by the See Hear team. "Deaf people get information in far smaller chunks and it can be a problem for them to get promotions," says Moty Allshever, a sign language user from London who has established a company which helps fellow deaf people with personal development in the workplace. By this he means that in an office or business environment, deaf people can't always be part

Published Monday 17 March 2014
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