Training Your Staff To Undertake Drug & Alcohol Testing in The Workplace

Training For Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Testing in the Workplace.

Is your company aware and fully up to date with Drug and Alcohol awareness and testing in the workplace? If the answer is no then our training courses might be the answer for you. We can train your nominated staff members in all they need to know about Drug & Alcohol Awareness & Testing Procedures. 

Changing needs for drug & alcohol testing in the workplace

On 2 March 2015, the drug driving law changed to make it easier for the police to catch and convict drivers under the influence of drugs. This new roadside test procedure means that all Employers need to be aware of drug and alcohol issues. They also need to consider instituting a drug and alcohol testing strategy for all employees who drive company vehicles. 

Delivering cost savings to you

Healthscreen now provides training courses on Drug & Alcohol Awareness and Testing in the Workplace at our training venue in Leicester. Training of your staff to perform drug and alcohol screening will save your company money. Your staff can undertake the screening as part of their normal duties meaning you will not need to use outside contractors. 

Delivering a better screening process

The training will also allow your staff to undertake instant screening if the need arises. No waiting for a contractor to attend your business. It also means that you can more easily randomise testing if you wish, again because your employee rather than an outside contractor is undertaking the screening. 

Drug & Alcohol Training

This course helps your employees to be aware of alcohol and drug problems in the workplace. It will allow them to understand the effect alcohol and drug misuse has on a workplace safety and performance level. It will also help them in identifying someone under the influence and how to test for Drug and Alcohol use in the workplace.

The following shall be covered during the course:

  • Drug & Alcohol Abuse Nature and Causes
  • Effects of Drugs & Alcohol in the workplace
  • How to identify someone under the influence
  • Ways to screen
  • What to do with a positive result
  • Implications of testing
  • Practical session on the use of our testing kits
  • Understanding of drug and alcohol testing related issues and how to deal with them (communication, employee reaction, considerations for policy and procedures)

Successful completion of the course will lead to Certification of Competency to Test in the Workplace.

If you have any questions about Drug & Alcohol Screening & Awareness training in Leicester or across the UK, don't hesitate to call us on 01455 234 600 or contact us online. 


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