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Display Screen Equipment Assessment & Surveillance

Display Screen Equipment Assessments

It is the responsibility of the employer to analyse display screen equipment stations and reduce risk by ensuring that workstations meet minimum requirements.  It is also important to plan work activities that include breaks and provide users with appropriate information and training.  The employer should also provide eye and eyesight tests upon request, and special spectacles where the test shows that they are necessary for the work.

In particular, with new technology emerging such as laptop computers, it is important that although these are not being used 100% of the time on company premises, that the employee is aware of how to use the equipment away from the workplace to stay within the proper working standards required by the HSE.

Our Assessment

Our assessment allows us to evaluate the situation in its entirety, from the position of sitting to where the arms rest, whilst performing VDU work.  From the information collected and analysed, we can provide solutions to minimise the risk of employees suffering from upper repetitive limb, neck or spine strain injury, or at least prevent it from getting any worse.

Facts: up to 4,000,000 working days are lost per year as a result of upper limb disorders—which can include aches and pains in the  neck, shoulders, wrists, arms and hands

As many as 400,000 people in the UK suffer from upper limb disorders caused or made worse by work.

Health & Safety Executive covering legislation :

Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment     Regulations 2003


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