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On average, the body needs about seven to nine hours of sleep per night.

Many people don’t see the importance of devoting much of their time for sleep. It plays a serious role in not only your overall health but also their ability to safely perform their job. Unfortunately, this problem is only continuing to grow.

Did you know that more people are getting less sleep than they did a century ago. This is because most workers don’t see the importance of getting enough sleep and make it a low priority. They would rather devote more of their time to their job or spend it with family and friends.

Reality is, sleep is essential! 

Forgoing sleep greatly affects not only a worker’s health but increasing the risk of conditions, like diabetes and heart disease- also their ability to work safely.
Working when sleep deprived impacts a worker’s reaction time, decision-making ability, motor control, and situational awareness. And yet the biggest problem with working while sleep deprived is that it puts workers at an increased risk of death. Apparently workers who sleep less than six hours a night have a 13% higher risk of death than those who slept seven to nine hours a night- May seem dramatic but this is true!

Sleep deprivation can lead to absent days off due purely to tiredness or regarding an accident in the workplace due to not being on top form. All of these situations can cost the company millions over time.

So, what’s the solution?

Changing the societal perception of sleep is no easy task. However,  with the right education on the importance of sleep, sleep disorders and the consequences of fatigue, HealthScreen can make a difference.

Employers need to be aware of the dangers of sleep deprivation and how it affects worker productivity and health. Promoting sleep, making the workplace brighter and providing settings for naps (Firefighters, nurse etc) can all help end or at the very least improve this “sleep epidemic.”

Employers that see and understand the problem of sleep deprivation are in a great position to help educate employees about the importance of getting enough sleep and the risks of not doing so.


At HealthScreenUK Ltd, we believe prevention is better than the cure. But when prevention doesn’t work, we’re here to educate and help!

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