Would you contemplate falsifying driving medical documents?...

Posted By on 2017-11-27 11:34

According to a recent article published by the HSE, a self-employed driver has been sentenced by Leeds Magistrates Court after he acquired a contract as a commercial driver with an invalid medical certificate of fitness to drive. Not only was this certificate invalid, but the individual had altered his certificate displaying a false expiry date.


What were the consequences?

  1. 32 weeks imprisonment
  2. Suspended for 12 months
  3. 150 hours of community service
  4. Ordered to pay costs of £12,000





When should a driving medical take place?

A good practice is to complete a Driver Medical at the beginning of employment (or at least at the commencement of a driving role). A medical driving certificate is valid for a period of 5 years however anybody over 65 is recommended to complete a driver medical on an annual basis. 

Here at Healthscreen, when issuing a medical certificate for driving we look into several factors which can affect a person to safely drive; These factors which we assess includes vision, audiology and a general health assessment. For more information please get in touch today, however, please note we cannot issue a driving medical certificate for HGV drivers. 


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