GP Referral Vs. OHP Referral in Audiometry

Posted By Stephanie Hancox on 2017-12-11 13:56

In regards to GP Referrals ...

Due to SEQOHS accreditation, we have put it into our best practice to recommend employees' see their own GP if something flags on their audiogram even if under the HSE guidance lines they are normal hearing for their age and gender. It may be the case that an employee has wax in their ears and the GP may need to remove it, it is just cautionary and recommended only for personal benefit as well as company benefit.

In regards to the OHP Referrals – by law & the HSE regulations, for any employee that falls under a category 3 in their hearing test is required to be referred to an Occupational Health Physician (OHP).

An OHP will assess the following in regards to Audiometry:

Where there are concerns that the employee may not be fit to undertake their duties but are still at work.
A work plan with details of any recommendations for adjustments to support the employee, if necessary.
To assess if the employee is permanently unfit for their job/working environment or a similar job/working environment. 
Audio referrals are paper-based so we send the paperwork to one of our OHP’s who then reviews/analyses their audiograms further, along with their employee questionnaire to give the OHP an idea on the employees working background, personal background etc. that could be affecting their hearing.

The OHP then writes a report for each employee on how you can support them, and how their hearing can be prevented from deteriorating.

For more information on audiometry surveillance please click here .


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