Work Place Hearing Loss....

Posted By Stephanie Hancox on 2017-08-14 08:16

"SORRY CAN YOU REPEAT THAT!?"....How many times have you or a                                                                                 colleague had to shout or repeat something whilst at work, simply due to not hearing them, even though they're less than 3 feet away? Although hearing loss can occur whilst enjoying day to day things like attending theme parks, gigs or festivals. Hearing loss within the workplace is a disease which creeps up on us due to the effects building up over time and can be hard to notice or detect without proper Audiology surveilances carried out; As required in the 'Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005'.

"Most food and drink industries have processes which emit high noise levels exceeding the 80dB and 85dB levels at which employer are required to take action"

Am I at risk...?

As mentioned previously Hearing Loss can be hard to detect naturally due to the effects gradually increasing over time, and whilst its imperative to protect your hearing, PPE should be used as a last case scenario and all endeavour must be taken to reduce the noise levels within the workplace. The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) suggests a compact list of procedures to be taken to try and reduce the noise levels which are as follows...

- Obtain the noise data from your machinery supplier to best inform your decision on which actions to be taken.
- Isolate noisy machinery into designated areas such as an outbuilding or dedicated room where the number of             employees within close proximity is at the lowest number possible. 
- Use a 'sound-insulating' enclosure where possible, especially if machinery is required in the working area.
- Where noise levels are still above 85dB, workers must wear hearing protection within designated and clearly               marked areas; which can be found in our online PPE store. 
More advisory precautions can be found at ...