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Posted By Kelly Hone on 2018-03-07 13:42


 Employee's that are exposed to excessive noise within the workplace should have an annual hearing assessment carried out by a Occupational Health Professional.

More and more people are claiming for damage to their hearing caused by noise in the workplace. No win no fee lawyers actively seeking clients to help claim against their employers!

At Healthscreen we offer a full hearing assessment and occupational hearing management service!
We can work with your company to ensure all employees are protected from excessive noise as well as provide peace of mind for your company against any possible claims.

Whether you employ a handful of staff or hundreds we can provide the relevant service for your needs.

For employees that will benefit from noise protection products we can also recommend and fit the products as well as provide any aftercare required.

Whether you require an impression for your earphone sleeves or for ear moulds we are the specialists to choose! 

At Healthscreen we are able to provide both open jaw and closed jaw impressions. We use the highest quality silicon impression material which is suitable for all skin types and produces a perfect impression every time! Our Occupational Health Professionals will be able to answer any questions you may have about the procedure and advise you on the correct impressions require.

Different types of impressions!

Ear Impressions

Impressions can be taken for custom hearing aids, hearing aid moulds, custom made in ear monitors and hearing protection. The process involves placing a sponge stopper inside your ear canal. A silicon material is introduced into your ear to take the shape- this takes around 5 minutes to set and is absolutely pain free! . Once the material has set, it is slowly and carefully removed, this provides the exact shape and size of an your ear so that it can be sent away to manufacture whatever you require- The perfect shape for you! 

Open Jaw Impressions

Open jaw impressions involve the same procedure as a standard ear impression (explained above), however during the taking of the impression your jaw remains slightly opened, using bite blocks shown in the image. When your jaw is open it can alter the shape of the ear canal.



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