Hazards at work

Is it a Hazard or a Risk?!

Posted By on 2018-03-20 16:09

We often hear about hazards and risks in the work place however not many people realize that they aren't the same thing. However, the two terms are frequently used interchangeably. 

Risk ...

When referring to a risk when discussing occupational health and safety, we are referring to the chance of an employee being harmed or injured when made vulnerable to a hazard. In many cases, a hazard cannot be avoided although the chances of injury due to the hazard should be manageable and reduced where possible; This is usually done through maintaining an adequate risk assessment of the workplace.

Hazard ... 

When referring to a hazard we are talking about a source of potential harm to an individual. Hazards should be eliminated or reduced as much as possible; however, unfortunately, some are unavoidable. Hazards are most commonly categorized into the following categories....??

1.Chemical              2. Physical             3. Psychosocial               4. Ergonomic              5. Biological                  6. Safety   

In order to monitor the risk of a hazard, a  risk assessment is required. This records a number of factors including the severity of a hazard and the potential outcomes which are a direct and indirect result on the occasion that the said hazard occurs. Other factors which are recorded involve includes the number of individuals who are at risk and the chances of exposure.

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