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Launch of our new online PPE shop

Posted By Stephanie Hancox on 2017-07-24 10:38

Keeping Your Employees Safe

Here at Healthscreen; We are proud to announce that after liaising with our supplier, web team and a selection of clients on our network;  Our online PPE shop is now live!  (click here to check out our new shop)
Offering all the essentials for you and your employees to stay safe in environments where an individuals health and safety is at risk due to the nature of their work environment.  

We have taken on this new endeavour, due to countless articles that have been published over the years on how employers are risking their teams health by not providing adequate Personal Protective Equipment. Which in our eyes is outrageous. 


Our commitment to you!

  1. To provide a service which goes above and beyond your expectations. 
  2. We aren't robots so we wont treat you like one.
  3. striving to supply business' with a wide range of PPE for all budgets.
  4. To listen to all and any feedback. 


Why have we chosen the products we have?

Through our thorough research we came across many views towards PPE, noticing how each company is different and there wasn't a single slight trend on what was required. With this in mind, we decided we werent going to be a service that only provides to one particular audience, but a company who respects all its customers and offers a range of items to meet all budgets. Whilst covering the necessities that employees need to fulfil their tasks safely. 

Do you meet the PPE needs of your employees?

Did these employers think they met the PPE needs of their employees before these avoidable accidents occured?


1)"A Warrington based coach fabricator has appeared in court after an apprentice suffered serious injuries when he fell through a roof he    was working on. The 25 year old worker from Orford, who has asked not to be named, suffered three fractured ribs and a ruptured spleen    as a result of the incident on 14 April 2016". ..... 

2)"An engineering firm has been fined for failing to control the risk to employees using hand held power tools from Hand-Arm Vibration  Syndrome (HAVS).Manchester and Salford Magistrates heard how Newfield Fabrications Co Ltd (NFCL) failed to ensure the risks to its  employees from exposure was adequately controlled. The company also failed to ensure its employees were given sufficient information,    instruction and training on the effects of working with vibrating hand tools".....http://press.hse.gov.uk/2017/engineering-firm-fined-after-  exposing-workers-to-hand-arm-vibration-syndrome-havs/

3)"Two companies have been fined after a worker suffered extensive burns to his face, arms and hands as a result of an electrical incident.Newcastle Crown Court heard the 28-year old man who was employed by Park, Gate and company Ltd (PGC), suffered extensive burns on 21 December 2014 while he was carrying out electrical work for Armstrong World Industries Limited (AWI) at a site in Gateshead"....http://press.hse.gov.uk/2017/company-fined-after-worker-suffers-serious-burns/

More shocking articles of avoidable accidents can be found at .... http://www.hse.gov.uk/


We Endeavour To Keep You Updated on All Latest PPE Products                                                                                                                                                                                           

Tired of wasting countless minutes maybe even hours trying to navigate your way through a labyrinth of a flashy but disappointing websites?  

? Products are clearly categorised so you know where to find your product. 
? All budgets catered for from the smallest to the biggest.  
?  217 Products to browse through between 21 categories  
? Ease of getting in touch via online chat, telephone, email or even social media 
? Secure Payment method.  


We hope you find what is needed in this PPE shop however if not get in touch and we'll endeavour to see what we can do to help.