Legionella training courses

Legionella Training Courses Across The UK

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2016-02-01 20:37

Legionella training courses

We offer Legionella risk management and risk assessment services across the United Kingdom. As part of our services we also offer Legionella Training courses, the courses can be tailored to suit your needs and involve a mixture of class based teaching and practical exercises. Our view is that customers shouldn’t have to lose 1 or 2 days away from the office. We aim to achieve an appropriate level of legionella training in 1 day and courses can be run at your premises to minimise travel time and costs. However, we can also offer the course in our training room in Leicester. 

We enjoy teaching legionella training and seeing people benefit from the learning environment so they can apply that back at their work or in their premises. Our training will help you to reduce the risk, manage the risk from legionella and do so cost effectively.

We will help you to meet your legal requirements by teaching you:

  • why you need to ensure that the release of water spray is properly controlled
  • how you can avoid water temperatures and conditions that favour the growth of legionella and other micro-organisms
  • how you can ensure water cannot stagnate anywhere in the system by keeping pipe lengths as short as possible or removing redundant pipework
  • how you can avoid materials that encourage the growth of legionella (The Water Fittings & Materials Directory references fittings, materials, and appliances approved for use on the UK Water Supply System by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme)
  • how you can keep the system and the water in it clean
  • how you can treat water to either control the growth of legionella (and other microorganisms) or limit their ability to grow
  • how you can monitor any control measures applied
  • how you can keep records of these and other actions taken, such as maintenance or repair work

If you have any questions about Legionella risk assessment, legionella training or the controlling of Legionella risk in Leicester or across the UK, don't hesitate to call us on 01455 234 600 or contact us online.