Women In Business Awards 2015

Sam Bennett, Runner Up In Women In Business 2015

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2015-10-01 08:34

Sam Bennett, Women In Business AwardsAll of us at HealthScreen would like to congratulate Sam our Founding Partner and COO, she was the runner up in the small business category of the Women In Business Awards Leicester 2015. It is a recognition of the sterling work she does and the way HealthScreen UK has expanded and excelled over the years. 

The gala event was well attended and Sam even got to see a celeb or two. Sam was really chuffed with the nomination and even more so with the award and. As we said in a recent article, Occupational Health Services Success

At HealthScreen we have expanded the occupational health services we offer this year because of demand from our customer base. This expansion has proved to be a huge success for us, driving more and more commissions from both our existing customers and new customers. This is by far the best year that HealthScreen has had in business. We lay the success of this year firmly at the feet of the customers we have served and continue to serve. 

A great part of that success is Sam's mantra of happy customers, happy company. It has served us well and our happy customers continue to drive us to success year on year. 

Dedicated To The Success of Others

Sam is dedicated to the success of others, that is what drives her as a business woman, she is never happy until her customers is. That's why our company is so successful, It is also why she was nominated for the awards.

Well done Sam from the team at HealthScreen