New Development on the Horizon - OZONE

Posted By Stephanie Hancox on 2017-09-08 10:22

Here at Healthscreen we constantly have discussions on what more we can do so you fully benefit from our Occupational Health services. From discussions with clients and between ourselves one thing that kept being mentioned was the amount f paper being used. Which for our larger clients is an issue at time.

Imagine a client Strategy planningwanting lung surveillance for 20 employees. The Respiratory assessment along with the Respiratory employee questionaire is 5 sheets of paper per employee. So 20 employees require the wastage of 100 sheets of paper. But this is just one surveillance for a small number of people

So what are we going to do about this??                                                                                                              With further discussions between ourselves and our clients we ideas started flowing however one idea stuck. Lets rejuvenate  our approach to Occupational Health. Lets find and develop a way in which we can reduce our paper usage, make communication between ourselves and the client more personnal. A way in which the client can easily view what employees require what assessments in the near future. A way in which we can make your job easier and help identify trends from the results in regards to what departments may need to reviewed. Such as a noisey workroom...a large percentage of employees constantly having poor hearing could be a link to a failure in the safety measures in place to reduce hearing damage ect. At this stage ideas were still flowing however one idea kept returning.
  Since the early part of this year we have took this idea and                    molded it to work in both ours but most importantly your        interests. With the final tweaks and adjustments being made,            we will soon move into the 3rd development stage of trialing                                                                                          Ozone out in real life situations.
This is something that shouldnt be missed, With each step of the next stage we will endevour to keep you updated however to ensure you don't miss out on critical news updates in regards to Ozone, follow us on Facebook/LinkedIn or perhaps get in touch to join our mailing list, to ensure you forever stay in the loop.