Roadside Workplace Safety & The Right Equipment

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2016-05-07 10:16

In a departure from our usual articles, we have a guest post from Dennis Kaminski who is the Founder of an American safety supplies company called SafetyMart. They supply a huge variety of safety equipment that meet the needs of every workplace. When your workplace is the roadside, you need to take every precaution necessary to keep your employees safe. That includes using all of the right equipment. Dennis will give us a full rundown of what you should think about for your employees. Without further adieu, we will hand you over to Dennis.  

What Traffic Safety Supplies should you use on the roadside?

Dennis Kaminski
Founder at SafetyMart
The construction industry reports thousands of accidents and deaths each year, thanks to the ever present job site hazards that put the lives of workers in danger. But this also means that roadside construction is not any different. We only expect different variables to come into play where roads are involved.
You see, workers should always start by going through training and safety manual on how to stay safe on the roadside. Keeping on toes with current safety procedures and equipment will definitely go a long way into preventing accidents or even deaths in the worst case scenario.
How to stay safe as a roadside contractor, plus safety supplies to use
The following are a few traffic safety supplies and tips for those working on the roadside. They should always be viewed as a priority when workers are doing construction jobs on any type of road.
Equipment safety
It is advisable that workers should wear high-grip gloves to maximise support and minimise slipping. Also, workers should practice caution by not taking quick shortcuts to safety measures. Every safety precaution, especially when handling machines, should be observed.
Traffic safety supply
Roads are used by all kinds of drivers; some are attentive while others are not, and this is where the use of traffic safety supplies come into play. People working on the roadside should be very much aware of the ever-present danger facing them at work.
Workers should wear reflective jackets and other clothing that make it easier for other drivers to see them. These should be worn at all time of the day as long as construction work is going on.  This means investing in quality traffic safety supply and accessories like bright clothing which may also include helmets and shoes.
Roadside signage
Slower speed limit signage should always be erected on a roadside construction site for passing drivers to see and obey. Road signage may also include directions and other signs guiding what drivers should do once they arrive at the roadside construction site.
These may include cones, red markings, and tapes which alert drivers to slow down or take specific action. It is always helpful to take proactive approach with traffic safety supply because construction rules require workers to do so. Secondly, it's about personal safety.
Stormy weather
When working it wet weather, there's a significant chance of exposure to live wires. Also, roadside workers need to be very cautious when dealing with metallic structures during 

stormy weather or when lightening is present. Staying on top of your safety plans will always go a long way into preventing disaster.
Pay attention to working time
Local roads and motorways will have construction work going on between 7pm till morning hours. If construction work was done during daylight in some roads, it would create disruption in the flow of traffic, thus creating heavy traffic snarl up.
Nevertheless, construction times can vary depending on how busy the road is. But at the end of the day, all safety precautions must be observed regardless of the time of the day.
A work zone will be safer when traffic safety supply is used appropriately. Reflective jackets, traffic signs, signals, and barriers make a difference between workers who stay safe and those who end up in hospital. Therefore, these safety equipment and tips must be observed at all time.