5 quick tips for working in the rain....

Posted By stephanie hancox on 2018-02-14 14:28

With the changing of seasons fast approaching, it is time to watch out for the rainy days. Kids love jumping in the puddles and we all enjoy the expression of dancing in the rain. However, working in it? Not so much!

Unfortunately, the uncomfortability of working in the rain isn't the only downfall, with the rain, comes an increased risk to those working outside; Therefore it is important to take extra care and precautions. 

1) Ensure you are using the correct equipment.                                                             Not only should you ensure your equipment is safe to use outdoors in the rain, you must also ensure that there is sufficient textured non-slip grip.

2) Be Seen Be Safe.                                                                                      With the rain clouds, also comes the reduced visibility and although the days are getting longer, the days are still short, therefore, make sure you can be seen clearly by your peers and others by wearing high visibility workwear

3) Wear the right clothing.                                                                        What's worse than working in the rain? wearing inadequate clothing which offers no protection. Not only will this lead you to going home in wet clothes, which become heavy with the extra water weight and uncomfortable to wear. But this also brings health risks. Make sure your workwear is suitable to work in all rain types, not just shower proof which offers the absolute minimum in defence against the harsh rain. 

4) Ensure clear visibility.                                                                           If wearing the required eye protection, the water residue on your safety eyewear can obscure your vision, spraying these with water-proof / anti-fog spray to increase visibility. Wearing suitable head protection, can also reduce the amount of rain getting in contact with our safety eyewear. 

5) Patience!                                                                                              Our final tip is to take your time, no one likes working in the rain and we often rush to complete a job in these circumstances; However, rushing a job often leads to many avoidable mistakes where key steps are skipped. The time spent fixing these can often mean that the time taken is a lot greater than taking your time in the first place. The rain makes most if not all surfaces slippy and more hazardous.         

 Ensure you take your time and make sure there is a clear risk assessment in place to reduce workplace accidents and/or incidents. 

For more information of occupational health or PPE, please get in touch today and we will endeavour to address your query as promptly as possible to find a solution that is right for both you and your employees. 


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