Benefits Of Onsite Health Surveillance 

Posted By Kelly Hone on 2018-05-11 10:06

Premium Occupational Health Services to Protect Your Business

Are you protecting your employees from work-related ill health?

Occupational health surveillance is important to protect the health of your employee, detect any adverse effects at an early stage, assist in the evaluation of control measures and comply with statutory health and safety legislation!

Your Duty of Care

All employers have a duty of care to carry out occupational health surveillance if/when risks to employees have been identified. They may also be required by law if you, or any of your employees, are regularly exposed to excessive noise or vibration, solvents, fumes, dust, biological agents or other substances which are hazardous to health, or for those who work in an environment with compressed air.

Ongoing testing also helps you to establish a baseline to monitor any changes in health conditions, assess your employees’ fitness to work and protect your company.

Occupational Health Testing on Your Premises

At Healthscreen, we know that it can be hard for a busy company like yours to schedule time for occupational health testing; travelling to health appointments, waiting around in doctor’s offices and calling to chase test results can take valuable time away from work.

That’s why we invested in our purpose-built, mobile screening unit to bring our full range of health surveillance services to your premises!
This van is all fitted with IAC hearing test booth and designed to minimise the disruption to your business, saving you both time and money. Staffed by our highly skilled technicians, these visits help take the stress out of your health surveillance.
contact us and we will show up at your location at a scheduled time and date to carry out all the testing you need! Whether it’s one employee or a thousand, we’ve got you covered! There are no hidden costs, you know upfront exactly when to expect us, how much you will pay and what services we will provide.

Our team of highly qualified occupational health practitioners and nurses are here to give you support should this testing highlight any areas of concern. They will work with your employees to ensure they are fit to work, promote health in the workplace and conduct research into any work-related health issues.

Helping you find ways to prevent occupational disease and injury; minimise and eliminate workplace hazards and ensure compliance with all health and safety regulations.

Contact us to book your professional occupational health surveillance in the workplace!

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