What Is Occupational Management Referral?

Posted By Kelly Hone on 2018-06-18 13:33


What is occupational management referral?

This service is carried out when there is concern about their health, performance (where there may be health implications) or level of sickness absence. An assessment by our professional HealthScreen practitioners can provide objective information that can assist management in addressing these issues.  

When to refer:

There can be many reasons to refer, such as:

  • - Concern that they may have work related health problems or that their health is being aggravated by work tasks.

  • - Difficulties coping on return after being absent - following a serious illness or injury or due to a disability.

  • - Underlying ill health or disability contributing to performance issues.

  • - There is long-term or frequent sickness absence.

    If you are unsure whether a referral is appropriate feel free to contact us for further support on 01455 234600 Option 1


  • How to make a referral:

    The management referral will need to include enough detail for an appropriate assessment to be made.  This will help our team understand the nature of the individual's work, advise whether any aspects might be affecting their health and consider any modifications or adjustments which may enable the individual to do their job.

  • The reasons for the referral the specific questions to be answered:

    •           - The individual’s previous two years attendance record.

    •           - Current job description.

    •           - Any relevant risk assessments (e.g., DSE, individual stress tool, pregnancy).

The assessment appointment:

  • Our aims are to collect sufficient information to provide an accurate, objective and useful opinion regarding fitness to perform the job.

    The individual will be asked about:

    •           - The health problem or disability and any concerns that they have as well as any treatment that they may                be receiving.

    •           - The work that they undertake and any difficulties arising from health or other reasons.

    •           - Any activities out of work that they are involved with.

  • In some instances it may be necessary to request further information from the individual’s general practitioner (GP) and / or hospital specialist.  If this is the case the reason will be explained to the individual and they will be asked to sign a consent form allowing HealthScreen to approach their GP and / or hospital specialist for this information. 

    The individual may be referred for therapy that would facilitate a return to work e.g., physiotherapy and it may be necessary to review the individual to assess their progress as well as any medical  reports received, before a firm opinion can be made about any return to work or to full duties.


  • If you would like more information or to book your occupational management referral for your employees, contact us!


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