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What is an Occupational Health Assessment?

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2016-04-07 07:39

Health Assessments at Work, Part of a Wider Occupational Health Screening Strategy

An Occupational Health Assessment is a medical examination carried out by a qualified Occupational Health Professional. An occupational health assessment is used to advise employers on an employee's health issues in relation to their work. It is also used to make recommendations on adjustments in working practices that could be considered to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for that employee. These health assessments are usually part of a wider occupational health screening strategy. 

What is The outcome?

Occupational health assessments are confidential, however, with the consent of the employee, a report will be written to be sent to the employer. Each report is tailored to the employee and their individual situation. The report will include advice on any medical conditions and the effect on work, symptoms, prognosis, and likelihood of recovery, what adjustments could/should be considered, and over a suggested time frame.

What is the point of an occupational health assessment?

Depending on why the assessment has been triggered, the assessment may have different underlying outcomes. In the case of an employee that is returning to work after an absence it can be undertaken to ensure that they are introduced to work in a safe and structured manner. In the case of an employee that appears to be struggling at work, the assessment can be undertaken to assess any changes are all that are required to keep them at work safely and productively.

In simple terms, an Occupational Health Assessment is a medical examination performed by an Occupational Health Physician with the aim of identifying the health status of an employee.

When does an occupational health assessment happen?

An employee may be referred for an occupational health assessment where an employer or a line manager is concerned about the staff member’s attendance, performance and/or behaviour. This may occur even if the member of staff has not taken time off work. 

There really is no set or best time to organise an occupational health assessment. Each situation needs to be treated on its own merits. To be a little clearer, an assessment can be organised at anytime including:

  • Your employee is still at work: Your employee could be attending work without issue, however, they are showing signs of struggling.  
  • Employee has regular short-term absences: An employee with regular short-term absences could benefit from an assessment to ensure there are no underlying serious health issues. It may also help to identify work practices that can or need to be changed. 
  • Employees with medium to long-term absences: Any employee that has had substantial time away from work could be referred for an occupational health assessment.
  • On return to Work after an absence: Any employee who is ready to return to work following a period of absence can be referred for an occupational health assessment. 

In most cases a one of occupational health assessment is sufficient, however, for employees with more serious illnesses then it may be appropriate to keep the employee under regular review.

What is the process?

The process is quite simple, we have a network of occupational health Nurses and Doctors across the UK. We can arrange an assessment near you. To begin the process you simply need to contact us and fill in an employee referral form. We will discuss your needs with you and agree the proper assessment process with you. The appointment will be scheduled and once it is undertaken we will send a report within a couple of days. 

If you require an occupational health assessment for one of your employees, call us on 01455 234 600 or contact us online now.