What To Expect When Having Earmold Impressions Taken.

Posted By Kelly Hone on 2018-03-12 11:57

There are really five steps in taking an earmold impression. (well, six if you include sending out the impression).

Earmold impressions are needed for custom hearing protection- this gives us the 'perfect fit' of the employees ears, ensuring comfort and full protection of the ear!

Each step is pain free- may feel a little strange obviously, its not something you do everyday! This information lets you know what occurs in each step so that you know what you can expect when having your impressions taken and fill your knowledge for when/if your employees ask!

Always good to know this information to make your employees aware of the procedure if any questions are asked!



Before any earmold impression is taken, our occupational health professional will take a look into your ears to make sure  they are clean and healthy. We want to make sure there is no wax buildup of any kind- if there is this could cause problems when the impression material is pushed down into your ear canal.
It could scratch your ear and cause infection or it could puncture your eardrum causing even more problems and possibly an ear infection as well. We will also ensure the inside of your ear canal looks healthy to prevent trauma and infection to the area.

Clean and healthy ears are what we like to see!



Once the ears are cleared, the occupational health professional they will then place an otoblock into the canal.
This otoblock (shown below) is there to prevent trauma to the eardrum and to create a stopping point for the impression material to adhere to. As the material pushes the otoblock down into your ear canal, it may tickle or scratch your ear canal and this is normal and will be short lived.


After the otoblocks are in place we will get the impression material ready.
Using either a large syringe filled with impression material or an impression material gun, we carefully place the tip of the device into your ear canal and begin to squeeze and push the material down into your ear canal gently pulling out as the canal begins to fill with the impression material.
Once the material has filled the canal and outer ear you will be told  to move your jaw, as facial movement can greatly affect the comfort and fit of your custom earmold- Once again you may have some funny feelings in your ear such as tickling, scratching, gagging or coughing; this is all normal and occurs due to the sensitivity of your ear canal and how it is connected to your throat- absolutely nothing to worry about!


For the material to set will only take a few minutes. The impression material starts to set almost immediately, but does need a few minutes to fully cure to get the proper impression of your ear.



Our occupational health professional will first release the pressure that has build-up behind the earmold impression and your eardrum. This incudes a simple twist and pull on the impression following the curves of your ear canal. Once the impression is out of your ears, we will take a quick look in your ears to ensure no material is left behind and that there was no trauma done to the ear canals.



Before sending the earmolds away to the manufacturer, we will look over your earmold impressions to ensure there are no flaws, cracks or air bubbles. If there are flaws the impression may have to be redone. If the impression is good it will be sent away to be made into the custom earmold!


If you have any questions regarding the ear impression process, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01455 234600 opt 1!

If you are interested in custom hearing for your employees and would like a FREE quotation please get in touch!


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