Workplace Hearing Tests

Hearing Tests in The Workplace, What's Involved?

Posted By Kerry Budworth on 2016-03-22 14:52

What happens during hearing surveillance?

We regularly undertake hearing tests in the workplace for our customers which helps them to meet their requirements under the health and safety at work act. It is a simple process which causes very little interruption to their business, we make sure of that. So let's talk you through what we offer. 

The requirements

First off, let's look at the requirements, if you employ staff within a noisy working environment, it is a legal requirement to protect their hearing health under Regulation 5 of the Management of health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 (MHSW Regs). At Healthscreen UK we provide a range of noise related services to help companies achieve a safer noise environment within their workplace one of which is hearing surveillance.

What is hearing surveillance

Hearing surveillance is simply a term that means an employees hearing ability is tested on a regular basis. That period is normally every two years but it depends on company requirements. Health surveillance is simply hearing tests in the workplace on a schedule. Initially, a baseline test will be undertaken, which will be followed by another assessment one year later. Then, the assessments will follow the usual pattern of one every two years.

What happens during the workplace hearing test?

We will agree with you a time and date to perform the tests on your workforce. We have our own mobile unit to undertake the tests if need be or we can undertake the tests in a room in your premises that is suitable. Once we have set up, we can begin the process. 

The process involves a visual health check of each employees ears which is followed by an approved hearing test procedure. The results are recorded for reporting and if we are supplying custom fit hearing protection we would also take impressions of the worker's ears. The process normally lasts no longer than fifteen minutes. 

Reporting & record keeping

We then ensure that records are kept of hearing ability in order that reporting procedures can be undertaken. The records are also for comparison of hearing ability over an extended period of time. This comparison ability is what health surveillance is really about. It allows you to be sure that all of the steps you are taking to protect your employees are in fact working. 

If you require workplace hearing tests or ongoing hearing health surveillance, call us on 01455 234 600 or contact us online now.