Worst Cold & Flu Habits In The Workplace

Posted By Kelly Hone on 2018-07-30 08:26

The office and workplace can be full of sniffly noses, scratchy throats, cacophonous coughing, and blowing of noses. Germs, bacteria and disease are being spread all around the desks, common areas and work sites. Not only is this bad for hygiene and work productivity, sometimes it’s downright GROSS. 


The “grossest” workplace habits are:

1. Wiping runny nose on hands or sleeve: 16%  
2. Not covering mouth/nose when sneezing: 15%  
3. Not covering mouth when coughing: 12%  
4. Not washing hands frequently: 9%  
5. Leaving dirty tissues on a desk: 8% 


If you can’t get your “gross” co-workers to change their bad hygiene behaviours then you need to see about making some changes in the office to protect yourself and others from giving each other colds and flu. Try increasing hand sanitation practices and overall improvement in office cleaning and sanitation.

“Although hand hygiene is an important step in preventing the spread of infections and bacteria, facilities also need to plan for additional cleaning and disinfection during cold and flu season. Make sure your facility is ready with the proper cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals and techniques to ensure a healthy workplace.”- Cintas

Clean your hands, use hand sanitizer more, clean up and wipe down your work and common areas more, and stop being so “GROSS”. 

Sickness absence in the workplace is normally caused by cold and flu being spread around. Make sure you use your own common sense to protect you employees!

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