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Healthscreen UK & Meduc8ion Launch All-New Online Shop!

Alongside sister company, and professional training course provider Meduc8ion, Healthscreen UK are pleased to announce the launch of their online shop for all your occupational health and wellbeing needs.

When it comes to occupational health, it is important to make sure that you are adequately equipped. Different facets of occupational health can require more tools than you might otherwise think, and it is our responsibility at Healthscreen UK to keep workforces around the country as safe as possible. Let’s take a look at what is available via the shop right now:

  • Biological Monitoring Kits

Biological monitoring kits are used to indicate how much of a chemical has entered your body. It involves measuring the chemical you are exposed to at work in a sample of your urine. This is a necessary safety precaution for many workplaces because short or long-term exposure to certain chemicals can have potential health risks. Any person in the workplace exposed to one or more hazardous chemicals need to take a biotest every year, and if any person is highly exposed, they require a test every 6 months.

We sell kits to test for isocyanates, nickel, chrome, benzene, mercury, xylene, MEK, methylene, styrene, and solvents. These are all hazardous chemicals which require regular monitoring in the workplace.

  • Drug & Alcohol Kits

Drug and alcohol testing is vital for certain workplaces, and some employers have adopted screening as part of their drug and alcohol policy. There may be a need for screening, particularly in certain jobs such as drivers, pilots, and some machinery operators because the misuse of drugs or alcohol could have disastrous effects for the employee, colleagues, the public and the environment. We sell both the initial and the back-to-the-lab testing kits.


This testing kit requires an oral swab and urine sample. The initial testing kit can screen from six to ten drugs, and the results can be read after 5 minutes. If the test comes back positive, the individual will be referred for a back to the lab test.


This testing kit requires an oral swab and urine sample. This kit is for those who have tested positive in the initial drug and alcohol screening, and so these samples will be sent off to the lab for further investigation.

There is also a fantastic range of products soon to come, including Zoellner Pen Grips, Jobson Horne Probes (plastic/ stainless steel), Crocodile Forceps and many more! New additions to the shop will be added regularly so you will be able to get all the equipment you need whenever you need it. This will include almost anything required for occupational health work!

To make sure that you don’t miss out, why not get in touch with Grace at to discuss our products or head over to the shop here.

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