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How Alcohol and Drug training can benefit your workplace

If there’s alcohol or drug misuse at work, your employees could be at risk as it could potentially cause an accident if your workers are not fit to perform their job safely. As a result of misuse, there would be a loss of productivity and your employee would perform poorly at their job, which could hold your whole team back.  There could also be an increase in bad behaviour as it could lead to absences or lateness and even poor discipline.

Have you ever considered participating in drug and alcohol training? This is something all you managers or supervisors should be considering. Did you know it’s a lot more cost-effective for your company if you’re trained to do it yourself? Rather than having the hassle of booking a professional to come in, by doing our drug and alcohol training you’d be fully qualified to do your own checks when you need to.

How is it valuable to your workplace?

Drug and alcohol training is the way forward for companies as it could greatly improve safety and well-being in the workplace.

By managers/supervisors partaking in drug and alcohol training, it’ll be an asset to your workplace as it helps you to be more in control so you could prevent these issues or be able to handle them if it does get to that point. If you keep on top of it, you’ll be more alert and can get issues sorted out faster when drug and alcohol misuse is having damaging effects on your workplace.

Who would this course benefit?

This course is mainly beneficial to managers or supervisors, especially if you do random drug tests or need to test someone at work that’s showing signs of drug or alcohol misuse.

What you’ll learn

By the end of your time on our course, you will be able to identify and understand the signs and symptoms of drug use. As well as that, we’ll teach you how to recognise the patterns of behaviours that can also be an indicator of drug or alcohol misusage. Our course will give you the ability to do random and with-cause drug tests so that you can keep your workforce healthy. We will also prepare you for the worst so that you’ll know how to deal with the situation if results do come back positive.

How long is this course?

Quickly yet efficiently, our course will only take up to two hours to train you, with training including demonstrations for all testing kits.

Your certification will then arrive via email within 24 hours.

When can you do drug or alcohol testing?

There are three main types of drug tests you can do: pre-employment, random and with-cause tests. Pre-employment tests are when a test is done before an employees start date. Random tests are when various employees are selected randomly to be tested; this has been known to be a good deterrent for drug use. On the other hand, with-cause tests are the complete opposite as it’s specific to a person. These happen when something has happened to raise alarms such as an incident that has caused damage or a near miss. By doing a drug test, it can protect employees from liability when employees injure themselves as it would fall under the fault of drug misuse.

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