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How to create a safer environment during Covid-19

With lockdown coming to an end and people returning back to work there’s a lot of stress about Covid-19 still as it’s remains a threat. Many workers are worried about returning to work as they think it could increase their chances of catching the virus.

By having stressed employees, work could be done less effectively or it could even lead to them taking more time of work. A way around this would be by ensuring they feel as secure as they can be at work.

To re-assure your workers that you’re doing the best you can to keep them safe during this Covid crisis, you could have a set of rules and procedures put in place. These would provide stability as well as support your employees who are stressing over returning to work.


Procedures you can put in place

  • Social Distancing: You should have social distancing guidelines put in place that would apply to both customers and employees. A way you could do this would be having clear signs marking up a one way system for entering and leaving. Also, screens would be beneficial, as they could help to separate people and decrease the risk of spread.


  • Wear protective gear: All employees and customers should be made to wear either a mask or visor unless they’re medically exempt. This would reduce the spread as masks limit the amount of droplets that falls from your mouth or nose onto surfaces, reducing risks of potential spread


  • Limit number of visitors: You should have a set number of people that are allowed to enter so that there’s smaller crowds, making people easier to control and leaving more room for distancing.


  • Keep on top of cleaning: As well as making sure everyone’s on top of keeping themselves cleaner by sanitising regularly, there should be someone making sure all frequently touched surfaces are cleaned a few times a day.


You could take it a step further and really support your workers with Covid testing. At Healthscreen we can help with that as we now provide Covid-19 Antigen Testing. This test takes swabs of saliva or a nose swab and then detects virus antigen, which means a live virus rather than just symptoms.

It’s the ideal test for rapid and low cost results for professionals or companies as it can produce results in just 15 minutes. These tests can give your employees peace of mind and make them feel more secure working as you’ll be able to keep the risk of spreading Covid-19 to the minimal.

Get in touch for more information on covid-19 antigen testing or call us on 01455 243700 or send an email to

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