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retail shop during covid

Reduce risks in retail during COVID-19


How you can protect your employees


  • Social distancing for customers

We know it’s hard to maintain social distancing especially when customers are being difficult, but it’s essential to apply distancing measures. You can do so by having clear guidelines placed around the store, showing the amount of space needed between each customer.

As well as that, there could be a specific direction all customers have to travel in so that they’re not crossing paths and increasing the risk of potentially passing on the virus. This may be more time consuming, but it is a lot safer than having people wander all around the shop and mixing with other people.


  • Social distancing for workers-

When arriving and leaving work, there should be a marked up one-way flow at entry and exit points. Whilst travelling through the work place, there should still be a one-way flow that workers as well as customers follow. The maximum occupancy for lifts should be reduced and workers should be encouraged to use stairs wherever possible.

The layout in work stations should be adapted to allow room for social distancing. Face to face working should be avoided and instead, workers should work side by side or facing away from each other. Screens can also be used to create a physical barrier between people like at tills and checkout points. To be extra careful, you should also consider social distancing in common areas.

social distancing sign

  • Reduce amount of people entering

Allowing large crowds to wander around the store is risky as it doesn’t leave room for social distancing. Also, large amounts of people are harder to control, so it would be difficult to make sure everyone’s following rules such as wearing masks.

To ensure everyone’s safety, you can calculate the maximum number of customers that can be allowed in shops by taking floor space into account and seeing how many people can be inside the shop when maintaining a 2m distance from each other.


  • Wear Protection-

Masks or visors must be worn by all customers and employees unless they’re exempt and have evidence to prove so. COVID-19 can be spread directly by droplets from coughs, sneezes or speaking. These droplets can then be picked up by surfaces and when people come into contact with it they could then be transferring it when touching other surfaces.  By wearing a mask, it can help prevent the spread of droplets therefore reducing the risk of potentially infecting others.

masks in shop


  • Sanitise

In your workplace there should be hand sanitiser offered to employees and they should be sanitizing regularly, especially after handling cash. Also, at the entrance of the shop there should be a station where hand sanitiser is offered so customers can clean their hands before coming in the shop and touching things.

As well as that, other cleaning products can be offered to customers so they can give trollies and basket handles a quick wipe down before using them. Employees can also be making sure handles are sanitised frequently.


  • Cleaning-

There should be deep cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces at least once a day. It would be best to have a scheduled cleaning process to make sure it’s clean through ought the day. Cleaning items immediately after use would also be more efficient.

 cleaning surfaces

If you want to find out more or book out a COVID-19 risk assessment call us on 01455 243700 or email [email protected] for a quote.


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