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Referral Service

Healthscreen offer a Health Surveillance Referral service to our clients for any employees’ who present a possible health related issue during the initial surveillance to an Occupational Health Professional.

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Referral Service

Referral to Occupational Health Physician

During routine health surveillance some employees may present with a possible work related health issue. These employees would require a Referral to an Occupational Health Physician for further advice, in line with the HSE guidelines.

An OHP will assess the following:

  • Where there are concerns that the employee may not be fit to undertake their duties but are still at work.
  • A work plan with details of any recommendations for adjustments to support the employee, if necessary.
  • To assess if the employee is permanently unfit for their job/working environment or a similar job/working environment.

Its primary aim is to provide advice regarding the employee’s health issues, making recommendations for adjustments that could be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment.

Advice provided by Occupational Health (OH) in the referral process is primarily designed to support the referring manager in their decision making when dealing with an employee’s health-related issue.

Following an assessment of health by an OH Practitioner a fully comprehensive report will be provided to both the employee and the employer.

Most referrals require a face to face appointment with an OHP, however, audiometry and spirometry can be provided remotely via the findings we have made during Health Surveillance.

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