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From time to time we will have special offers on PPE equipment, we will publicize them here.








 Bulk discounts 2017 

 Healthscreen offers bulk discount prices on every product on our                                                                                                   online PPE shop on any orders which consists of 100 or more of                                                                                                             any of our products. From safety helmets to plasters to even fire                                                                                                             extinguishers.
 If you would like to discuss our bulk discount rates, terms and                                                                                                                 conditions or to order in bulk please do not hesitate to get in                                                                                                               contact with Healthscreen on 01455 234 600 (Option 1). An                                                                                                             online copy of our bulk discount rates can be found below. 



Online PPE Shop

View our online bulk discount sheet

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