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The importance of post offer medicals

Did you know post-offer medicals are a great way to ensure safety in the workplace? You’ll be able to spot issues before they even arise! Post offer medicals are an assessment that identifies any potential health problems early. They are done after a job offer has been made so that you’ll be able to provide your staff with the support they need.


How will it benefit your workforce?

Avoid accidents or near misses by having this assessment done. You’ll be able to establish your new employees physical and psychological capability so that you’ll have a better understanding of whether they will be able to do the job safely and efficiently. It also helps you to keep your team at work safe as it could be a health and safety hazard if you get new employees to do tasks without knowing if they’re physically capable of doing so. If something went wrong, you could potentially be putting that employee and others around at risk!


What happens during a post-offer medical?

Our post-offer medicals can vary from questionnaires to full clinical examinations that assess both your employee and the job. The examination will identify any potential health problems or abnormalities in your employee. This helps to know whether they’re fit enough to deal with the job and also identifies any health hazards in the job itself, so it could be beneficial in helping you make sure any risks are moderated to prevent accidents from happening anyway.


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Types of work that should have one done

  • Construction work– you’ll be able to know if they’re fit to do all the manual work required and know whether it’s safe for them to work with machinery
  • Driving jobs– Many health factors could pose a risk such as bad vision or poor mental health as it makes it harder to concentrate and stay focused whilst driving.
  • Jobs that require working from heights such as: Abseilers, Riggers, Rooftop workers and Telecom engineers

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