Drug & Alcohol Testing in The Workplace

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Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing Across The United Kingdom

We are the leading workplace drug and alcohol testing company in the UK

At HealthScreen we provide drug and alcohol screening in the workplace as one of our occupational health services. Since March 2015 a new law has entered the statute books in relation to drug driving. This means that companies need to be sure that their staff will pass any random testing undertaken at the roadside.

The HealthScreen process for Saliva-Based Drug Testing

Oral Tox can screen in saliva. In the safety critical workplace environment, we recommend the ultimate non-intrusive, five-second wipe on the tongue. To make sure that the company is protected against potential arbitration and the substantial cost and disruption that this may cause, it is necessary to consider the whole process. From authorisation and education, through to employee random, pre-employment and with cause selection, to the performance of the screening, validity of confirmation, disciplinary procedure and consequences for those involved.

Alcohol screening is done at 20-minute intervals to a company specified level of breath alcohol with a calibrated traffic police equivalent specification FST Breathalyser. A Help Line is available during office hours on 01455 234 600. The main reason our customers introduce and more importantly, remain with us is that HealthScreen not only provides a route through the minefield of testing, arbitration and claimed human rights, but have been doing it very effectively.

The HealthScreen system and the Oral Tox device benefit multi-site operations with safety critical roles like driving trucks, buses and car fleets, saving the company significant sums of money from uninsured costs such as repairing minor dents and damage from supposed “misjudgements”, the costs of investigating accidents and the cost of sick leave from injured employees. The final benefit for you is peace of mind, having put in place an industry best practise process and by maintaining records of the correct operation of that process, you cover yourself and your management colleagues from potential personal implication under the Corporate Manslaughter Act.


Drug & Alcohol Testing at Work

Non-intrusive first screening. Our trained nurse will undertake all first screenings in order that they are undertaken to best practise standards. We can then train selected testers within your company to use the products. Further testing can then be carried out by selected ‘testers’ within your company that have all been trained in the use of Oral products. Normally the selected testers are site managers, HR representatives, Occupational Health staff, Health & Safety Advisers, etc. The Oral Tox initial screening result is read five minutes after collecting the sample If negative simply record the result.

If positive, arrange a secondary confirmation sample. Healthscreen Ltd has Oral, return to lab kits that are then sent on to the lab for analysis. REMEMBER THE EMPLOYEE IS NOT GUILTY AT THIS STAGE, ONLY POSITIVE TO A SCREENING TEST. The lab works according to UKAS ISO 9001/ 2008 in terms of accreditation and adheres to EU workplace chain of custody guidelines. The result is confirmed by the laboratory to the initiating manager within your company within four working days. We also provide a free online portal with secure login through the laboratory website for you to view the results quicker. If the result is confirmed to be positive, your company can begin the disciplinary action with the employee.


Drug classes available for oral fluid confirmation testing are as follows:

  • Amphetamines
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Cocaine
  • Methadone
  • Methamphetamine
  • Opiates
  • 6-Monoacetylmorphine (heroin specific)
  • THC (cannabis)

Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing / Oral Tox

With the Oral Tox method, you can simply make a record of negative results, creating the need to only spend larger sums on a laboratory screen with a legally defensible chain of custody sample for GCMS analysis at a UK workplace approved laboratory. The process for HealthScreen to take samples’ is for you as a company to book one or two hotel rooms, (if you do not have the facilities on-site), to provide a private screening area. Our nurse(s) attend the allocated venue along with the screening kits’ and provide the tests’ if an employee shows a positive result we can then take another oral sample with the “Oral Return To Lab” kit to be sent to the lab to identify drug type(s).

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Looking For Drug & Alcohol Testing in The Workplace?


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