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Is Occupational Health Surveillance required by law?

Depending on what hazards are exposed within the workplace, the employer may be required to supply occupational health surveillance. 


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What is a SEQOSH accreditation?

SEQOHS or Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Service is a set of standards and a process of voluntary accreditation that aims to help to raise the overall standard of care provided by occupational health services, thus helping to make a meaningful difference to the health of people of working age.

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What is the difference between each HAVS Tier?

Tier 1 Is an initial assessment in the form of a self-assessment questionnaire

Tier 2 a self-assessment questionnaire which should be repeated on an annual basis.

Tier 3 Is a face-to-face assessment with an OH Nurse

Tier 4  a face-to-face assessment with an Occupational Health Physician and is when the formal prognosis of whether the employee has HAVS

Tier 5  is optional and through a series of specific tests, is used to identify the original cause/s of HAVS.


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What is the difference between GP and OHP referral?

GP it is just cautionary and recommended only for personal benefit as well as the company benefit.

OHP concerns that the employee may not be fit to undertake their duties but are still at work.


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Do we charge extra for bringing our vehicle?

If a suitable room isn't available, we can bring one of our two mobile units on site at no additional cost. 


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What is the difference between obstruction and restriction?

Restrictive - Reduction in lung volume and capacity. 

Obstructive - Reduction in the airflow to the lungs


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Who are the HSE?

The Health and Safety Executive is the body responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks in Great Britain.


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What is the difference between hazard and risks?

Risk is the likely risk that a person or persons could be harmed if exposed to a hazard.

Hazard is a potential source of harm or adverse health effect on an individual.


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