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Construction worker inserting ear mould into ear

Occupational Hearing Loss and Custom-Made Hearing Protection

Noise-induced hearing loss as a result of occupational exposure is a very common cause of work-related ill-health. According to the Labour Force Survey (2017/2018), 63 per 100,000 employees report hearing issues which have either been caused or made worse by their job roles.

Occupational hearing loss, although preventable, cannot be reversed. Since the ear is a delicate organ, it is very easily damageable. Did you know that prolonged exposure to noise over 70dB may start to damage your hearing? What is more, this can happen without the sufferer realizing it.

This is why it is important for employers to ensure that their workforce’s hearing is protected, especially in high-risk environments. The best way to do this is by using custom-made hearing protection.

Which Industries Are Most Susceptible to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?

  • Airline Ground Maintenance

Airline employees experience one of the loudest work environments in the world: according to a study of noise on Airbus A321 aircraft, the outside of aircraft engines can reach up to 60-65 dBA before take-off, 75-80 dBA during landing and around 140dBA at departure!

Airplane on ground

  • Manufacturing

The combination of multiple machines operating simultaneously and the enclosed space of the factory makes manufacturing one of the industries with the highest levels of noise present. What is more, the workers can get accustomed to the constant noise which may lead to gradual hearing loss without them even noticing that this is occurring.

Manufacturing employee in factory

  • Nightlife Entertainment

According to a study published in the International Journal of Noise & Health, the average daily noise exposure of bar employees working 20 hours per week was 92 decibels. This level undoubtedly surpasses safety limits as noise exposure over 85 decibels can lead to permanent hearing loss.

large group of people in a night club

  • Military

Hearing loss is one of the most common physical disabilities amongst military personnel due to shooting, blasts, military vehicles, and other safety hazards. According to one study, the prevalence of slight to severe hearing loss amongst servicemen was 62.7%.

Military servicemen

  • Construction

Around 51% of all construction workers are exposed to hazardous levels of noise with about 25% of them suffering from material hearing loss. This means that their hearing difficulties affect their day-to-day lives.

Construction workers on a construction site

How Can Custom-Made Earplugs Benefit Your Employees?

There is no denying of the fact that continuous exposure to occupational noise leads to hearing issues, whether it be sooner or later. The only true way to prevent this from occurring is by using hearing protection.

When worn correctly, hearing protectors reduce the noise exposure levels and subsequently- the risk of hearing loss.

Furthermore, they have the ability to prevent alternative hearing issues from occurring. For example, individuals exposed to extensive noise report suffering from issues like tinnitus and vertigo.

Not only that, but earplugs can also prevent infections from occurring as they prevent dust and debris from accumulating inside the ear canal.

How Are Custom-Made Hearing Protectors Superior to Ordinary Earplugs?

  • Perfect fit

Custom-made hearing protection is made after impressions have been taken from the individual’s ear to ensure that the plugs fit perfectly. This helps provide ultimate comfort even if the protectors are worn for long periods of time.

Man having ear impression taken for custom ear mould

  • More effective protection

Thanks to being a perfect fit, custom moulded earplugs not only provide ultimate comfort, but also higher levels of protection from hearing loss. This is because they leave no gaps for sound to slip through and reach the inner ear.

  • Better durability

Custom moulded ear protection has a considerably longer lifespan in comparison to normal earplugs which can only be used once or twice before they need changing, making custom made protectors much more suitable for long-term use in a work environment.

man wearing custom ear moulds in work environment

  • Infections prevention

As opposed to disposable plugs which can harbour bacteria and cause ear infections, custom made protectors are made from special materials that prevent bacteria from growing and leading to undesirable ear conditions.

Are you looking for an efficient, cost-effective solution to protecting your employees from noise-induced hearing loss? Healthscreen UK can provide it for you! Our industrial ear moulds are made from a medical grade silicone and provide top-grade protection and comfort in addition to supreme durability. Click here to request a free, no-obligation quote, or contact us for more information!

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