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Audiometry Test

Process of Audiometry Testing

Audiometry is a form of test that measures the range and sensitivity of your workers hearing. It is essential when working in noisy work environments or when there has been a change in the workplace that effects noise exposure as it could help prevent long term hearing damage as it can detect early damage to hearing from exposure to noise. If employees are left untested, it could result in irreversible hearing damage.

By going through this short test, you can be helping prevent your employees from suffering from hearing difficulties such as Tinnitus, which is a permanent ringing sound that can occur in one or both ears. As well as that, it can prevent your staff from suffering from the inability to hear clearly that’s due to missing consonants, especially with background noise.

We are here to offer expert hearing services for all companies spread across the UK as Healthscreen provides custom made hearing protection that will ensure the ultimate protection for your members of staff.

How we carry out our tests

As well as providing testing in our clinic based in Hinckley, we can travel to your company sites based around the UK. Our Audiometry process is easy and quick as there is only 2 steps that your employees will have to go through.

Prior to the assessment, employees will have to complete a questionnaire that will consist of audiometry questions such as “Do you have difficulty hearing when there is a lot of background noise?” and previous medical history in relation to your hearing. The expert on site will then review the questionnaire prior to the test to ensure it is safe to proceed.

Once your questionnaire has been reviewed and it is safe to continue, your employees will then be ready to undertake the hearing test. Firstly, this consists of an ear inspection with an otoscope, this is to see if you have any ear blockages that could make your results inaccurate. Secondly, The employee will then need to wear noise cancelling headphones that will produce frequencies from 250Hz – 8000Hz. This will take place in a private and quiet room or in our audiometry booth in the mobile unit.  The employees will be handed a clicker that they must press each time they hear a sound. The technician will change the pattern the frequencies are played to ensure there is no deception – this process will help us to measure the range and sensitivity of your workers hearing.

Usually, this test would only take 10 minutes to complete however due COVID19 this test can take up to 20 minutes! Between each employee a full clean down of equipment and surfaces will be done with disinfectant alcohol wipes. A change of gloves and mask from the medical professional will also be require in between employees. This is to ensure the safety of your staff and the medical professional on site.

We are keeping you safe during COVID-19

We want to keep you safe so amid the current outbreak in COVID-19 cases around the UK, we will be following all onsite risk assessments such as social distancing where possible and increasing the length of appointments as mentioned previously. As well as that, our medical experts will be instructed to wear masks, gloves, and an apron to help decrease the risk of spreading the virus. We also ask that your employees wear masks / face coverings and where possible gloves during the appointment to help decrease the risk. As an extra precaution, we will be taking temperatures with a forehead thermometer before the employee enters the room / mobile unit. The measures in place are reviewed on a regular basis in line with the HSE and SOM.


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