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SEQOHS is often explained using the following analogy – Imagine buying a second-hand car from an ad in the paper, you call up, it all sounds amazing, you go to view it, the car is gleaming inside and out, you knock them down on the price a bit and BAM, you have bagged yourself a great deal.

Feeling smug, you start the engine, wave happily to the seller as you drive off down the road. You take it around all of your friends and family, proudly showing off your bargain purchase from some guy who was really generous and knocked £50 off the price for you and then proudly parks it outside your house and swagger up to your front garden safe in the knowledge that you now have an awesome car that is not only reliable but makes you look like Vin Diesel driving through your town.

Moving on to the next day, you get up, get ready for work, jump in your new motor, put on your sunglasses, turn the key…….nothing, it’s completely dead, you start to panic, try it again, your heart rate rises, nothing works and then you slump in your car seat of your lovely looking, yet baron car wondering why the heck you didn’t listen to your dad’s advice and go to a registered dealer where you would have received proper processes, guarantees’ and professional service and wouldn’t have just thrown all of your hard-earned cash down the drain.

How does this relate to Occupational Health?

Now put that kind of thinking into Occupational Health, do you really want to purchase a service that is supposed to protect your employees’, help keep staff absence levels low and ensure you are innovative and abiding by the law from a company that cannot prove they run their operation to the correct procedures and policies to ensure you are getting what you have paid for and to ensure your employees’ really ARE safe and healthy in the workplace?
Can you really put your trust into a provider who could potentially put your company at risk if occupational health surveillance or management referrals aren’t done correctly and something happens to an employee that could cause serious implications to your business through financial loss, ruined reputation or something ultimately more serious?

Are Healthscreen UK SEQOHS accredited?

Healthscreen UK Ltd are SEQOHS accredited. SEQOHS stands for ‘Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service’ and is a professionally led accreditation scheme. It is based on a set of standards for occupational health services in the UK and beyond.
Occupational health services must demonstrate they meet these standards before they can be awarded SEQOHS accreditation and to become accredited, services must demonstrate their adherence to the SEQOHS standards.

These are categorised into six domains:

  • Business probity
  • Information Governance
  • People
  • Facilities and Equipment
  • Relationships with Purchasers
  • Relationships with Workers

So, if you want to protect your staff and business correctly, choose Healthscreen UK Ltd to help you.

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