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Audiometry is essential if you employ staff in a noisy working environment. We offer an expert hearing screening service across the UK. If your employees are exposed to noise, workplace hearing tests should be an integral part of your occupational health strategy.

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Regulation 5 of the Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999 (MHSW Regs).

Audiometry is a technique used to detect early damage to hearing, from exposure to noise.  Identifying any damage allows appropriate action to be taken, as well as a referral of the individual. Audio Surveillance may also find changes in hearing due to other causes outside of work.

At the beginning of the assessment, it is important to obtain the individual’s medical history and other exposures to noise.  During follow up examinations, questions should be asked about:

  • The use of hearing protection
  • Any changes in working patterns and noise exposure
  • Any complaints relating to the ears or hearing.

After performing the hearing test, any issues arising with an employee are brought to the attention of the company management and a referral service is offered.

A hearing assessment is performed to set a baseline for hearing, this is normally done the first year. Then a comparative test should be undertaken 12 months later. If these tests don’t flag any problems, your schedule of testing should then fall back to every two-three years dependent upon your requirements. All new starters should be seen immediately and then fall into the process as above.

Noise-induced hearing loss causes:

  • Tinnitus—a permanent ringing sound in one or more ears
  • An inability to hear clearly due to missing consonants, especially in background noise

Noise Surveys

Our noise survey includes readings, findings and a report on what actions need to be taken. Furthermore, it will contain recommendations on the appropriate protection levels required.

Noise Protection in the Workplace, PPE Management

Healthscreen provide custom made hearing protection for your employees.  Custom made noise protection can offer the ultimate protection for your most valuable assets – your staff. Our service includes attending your site, taking the impressions and the provision of one set of customised hearing protection per employee.

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