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Earwax Removal Course

Join our sister company Meduc8ion’s certified earwax removal course led by renowned audiologist Vaishi Sanjeevan. This comprehensive training programme equips healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to perform earwax removal using three different methods. Designed for both workplace settings and the general public, the course combines theory-based learning with practical field experience, ensuring technicians are confident and proficient in delivering this essential service.

Earwax Removal
Course only

£ 1250
  • 2 Day training course
  • Course materials provided post-training
  • Theory day
  • Practical training on real patients
  • 1 on 1 Training
  • Certficate of passing
  • Lunch provided


Tyler Woolman

Tyler Bennett has an unparalleled level of knowledge in the field of hearing care. She is committed to delivering the highest quality training and education to healthcare professionals looking to enhance their audiology knowledge.

Heidi Tanton

Heidi Tanton is a clinical trainer for our audiology-based courses. She is an accomplished audiologist with more than 7 years of experience in hearing care and is qualified to perform all methods of earwax removal.

Donna Newitt

Donna Newitt has over 20 years of experience in performing all methods of earwax removal . Donna runs the ACHE contract for on behalf of the PCT for Leicestershire NHS. She is one of our most experienced earwax removal specialists.

Training Programme

Our Earwax Removal Training Course is a two-day programme. Here’s an overview of what each day entails:

On the first day of the course, you’ll dive into the theoretical foundations of earwax removal. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Statistics
  • In-depth study of anatomy, disorders, and earwax
  • Cerumenolytics
  • Consent and documentation
  • Comparison of irrigation, microsuction, and instrument-based methods
  • Medico-legal considerations and studies on risks associated with microsuction

On the second day, you will gain hands-on experience performing otoscopy, irrigation, and manual instrument usage on patients requiring earwax removal.


All necessary equipment for the training will be provided, enabling you to practice the different methods of earwax removal:

  • Propulse Ear Irrigator
  • Flaem Aspira Go 20 Suction Unit
  • Network Zoellner Pen Suction Tubes
  • VAT Irrigator Propulse Tips (Box of 100)
  • VAT Head Loupes
  • Mini Otoscope Diagnostic Examination Set
  • Noots Aluminium Ear Tank
  • Metal Ear Speculum
  • Gloves (pack of 100)
  • Disposable Aprons (pack of 100)
  • Jobson Horne Probes
  • Forceps


Vaishi Sanjeevan

As an experienced audiologist, Vaishi Sanjeevan possesses a profound dedication to assisting individuals with hearing loss. With a BSc in Healthcare Science (Audiology) from Swansea University and extensive practical training in multiple hospitals across Wales, Vaishi has honed her clinical skills and nurtured a strong commitment to patient care. Her exceptional blend of clinical knowledge and passion for teaching makes her an ideal trainer for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their audiology expertise.


The occupational health course is conducted at our training centre in Hinckley:

As the course spans multiple days, participants who are not local to the area may require accommodation. We can assist you by offering discounted rates for accommodation at the local Premier Inn, subject to availability and time of year.

For necessary arrangements, please contact us at

Day 1

6 New Buildings,
LE10 1HW

Day 2

13 King St,
LE10 1QT


Throughout the course, your performance and competency in earwax removal techniques will be continuously evaluated. Upon demonstrating the required standard competency, you will receive an official Meduc8ion certificate validating your ability to safely perform earwax removal procedures.


We can recommend insurance at a competitive cost which you will be able to take out after completion of the course.