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Musculoskeletal Assessment

Musculoskeletal injuries and disorders are a common cause of workplace-related ill health. They can result from poor posture, repetitive motion, or sudden trauma. Early identification and management of musculoskeletal issues can help prevent further complications and promote a safer and healthier work environment.

How We Support You

Our musculoskeletal assessment is a comprehensive evaluation designed to identify any issues that may be affecting an employee’s musculoskeletal health and provide appropriate support and guidance.

During our assessment, our occupational health professional conducts a thorough evaluation of the employee’s posture, range of motion, and other relevant physical factors. They carefully observe and analyse the employee’s movements and identify any potential areas of concern. By assessing these aspects, we can identify any musculoskeletal issues that may be affecting the employee’s comfort, performance, or overall health.

If any concerns are identified during the assessment, our occupational health professional will provide guidance and support tailored to the specific needs of the employee. This may involve recommending ergonomic adjustments to the employee’s workstation, providing exercises or stretches to improve flexibility and strength, or suggesting modifications to work practices to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal strain or injury.

In some cases, if further evaluation or treatment is required, the employee may be referred to an Occupational Health Physician. These physicians specialise in musculoskeletal health and can provide a more in-depth assessment, diagnosis, and treatment options as necessary. Our aim is to ensure that employees receive the appropriate care and support to address any musculoskeletal concerns effectively.

Main Benefits

  • Early identification of musculoskeletal issues can prevent further complications and improve overall health.
  • A healthier workforce can result in reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
  • By identifying and addressing musculoskeletal issues, employers can create a safer and more comfortable work environment for all employees.
  • Compliance with legal requirements and industry standards, helping to avoid potential fines or legal issues related to employee musculoskeletal health.
Occupational Health Assessment

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

The Musculoskeletal Assessment service we provide is essential for ensuring the health and well-being of your employees, particularly in relation to the Manual Handling Operations Regulations and the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 2002. These regulations place a legal duty on employers to assess and manage the risks associated with manual handling tasks and work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) arising from the use of display screen equipment (DSE). Our assessment service helps you meet these regulatory requirements, identify potential musculoskeletal risks, and take proactive measures to protect your employees.


Any employee who performs physically demanding tasks as part of their job role should consider a musculoskeletal assessment.

The length of the assessment will depend on the individual’s specific needs and concerns. Our professionals can provide an estimate of the time required for the assessment based on the employee’s job duties and medical history.

If a musculoskeletal issue is identified, our professionals will provide advice and recommendations for addressing the issue, including exercise and stretching routines, ergonomic adjustments, and workstation layout changes.

Don’t wait until musculoskeletal issues become a bigger problem. Contact us today to schedule a musculoskeletal assessment for your employees.

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