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Level 3 Occupational Health Technician Training

Our sister company Meduc8ion’s Occupational Health Technician Course is a comprehensive programme designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to deliver occupational health and safety services within their organisation. This course is suitable for individuals without formal occupational health specialist qualifications, including managers, supervisors, designated first responders, on-site nurses, health and safety professionals, trainee occupational health advisors, and those responsible for performing health and safety procedures within a company.

Level 3 Occupational Health Technician Training

£ 995
  • No Formal Qualifications Required
  • Efficient Duration
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Theory and Practical Training
  • Full Range of Services

Participants will be introduced to essential skills, such as audiometry and spirometry, gaining a solid foundation in conducting hearing and lung function tests.

Focus shifts to practical application as trainees learn how to perform urinalysis, blood pressure readings, body mass index (BMI) calculations, and alcohol audits effectively.

Trainees will delve into advanced topics, including history taking, psychometric scoring, functional examination for fitness in specific roles, drug and alcohol testing, vision screening, and assessing sleepiness using the Epworth Sleepiness Scale.

Training Programme

The course programme covers the following topics:

  • Medical History Questionnaire
  • Audiometry and Ear Examination
  • Spirometry
  • General Health: Urinalysis, Blood pressure, BMI, Alcohol Audit, K10 Psychometric Scoring, Epworth Sleepiness Scale
    Musculoskeletal/Mobility Checks
  • Dermatology
  • Visual Acuity Tests (Near, Distance, Colour, Peripheral)
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments


Connor Haywood

Connor Haywood brings a dynamic blend of experience and passion to the Meduc8ion team as a trainer for the Occupational Health Technician Course. With a BA in Sport Development and Management and a rich background in teaching Physical Education, Connor has dedicated his career to the intersection of health, education, and safety. Currently active as an occupational health technician, Connor enriches his teaching with current, real-world insights.
Connor is dedicated to equipping participants with the essential skills for effective occupational health and safety roles, making him an inspirational and guiding force for those looking to advance in this field.

6 New Buildings,
LE10 1HW


The occupational health course is conducted at our training centre in Hinckley:

As the course spans multiple days, participants who are not local to the area may require accommodation. We can assist you by offering discounted rates for accommodation at the local Premier Inn, subject to availability and time of year.

For necessary arrangements, please contact us at

For those seeking a tailored training experience, Meduc8ion offers personalised quotes for our Occupational Health Technician Course to be conducted at your premises, providing a convenient solution that meets the unique needs of your team.


Upon completion of the occupational health training, you will receive your certification via email within one week.