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Post Offer Medical

We supply comprehensive post offer medical assessments across the United Kingdom.

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The Purpose of Post-Offer Assessments

About 5 -10% of all new employees will have a medical condition so having a post-offer medical assessment performed on prospective employees makes sense. It helps you identify health problems early, and protect those with conditions which may be affected at work such as epilepsy, diabetes, musculoskeletal problems and asthma etc.

Post-offer health assessments are undertaken for the following reasons:

What happens during a Post-Offer Medical Assessment?

Post-offer assessments can vary from the use of a self-completed questionnaire to a full clinical examination by an OHA.

Examinations involve an assessment of:

It may also include clinical measurement tests to identify abnormalities, which would provide a baseline at post-offer and assessment of an individual’s fitness against the hazards and demands associated with the job and their likely effects on the individual’s health.

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