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HealthscreenUK is starting to become a provider of much-needed professional grade equipment. Our technicians use a large quantity of one-use equipment that we've been able to secure deals for at competitive prices.

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See Prices Below.

For any equipment you wish to buy please give us a call on – 01455 245740 (Open Mon-Fri 9:00am – 4:30pm) or email emma@theeearwaxremovalspecialists.co.uk to place your order, we will be in touch with you to organise shipping and take payment.

Large Equipment

Microsuction Machine £499.00

Devillbiss Vacu-Aide

Water Irrigation/Ear Syringing Machine £250.00

Ear Irrigator Purple Lid 2017 with 100 QrX Tips


6pc Reusable/Washable Face Masks – £8.99

Crocodile Forceps – £7.99

Head loupes – £65.00

Jobson Horne and Probe (x5) – £25.00

Noots Aluminium Ear Tank – £25.00

Propulse Mushroom & Washer Set – £25.00

Red Mini Otoscope Diagnostic Examination set – £25.00

Thermometer – £3.99

Whites Light Duty Waterproof/Reusable Apron – £19.99

YNR® Hartmann Ear Specula Cannula ENT Diagnostic Medical Equipment – £4.99


Earol (Ear Olive Oil) – £8.00

Gloves x 100 – £19.99

Propulse Tips x 100 – £85.00

Network Zoellner Type pen suction tubes (box of 50) – £70.00


In most cases the average shipping cost is expected to be around £4.50

We will confirm this with you prior to your payment for your order.


Please use the contact details below to send us your order and we will arrange shipping and payment of your order

Email : emma@theearwaxremovalspecialists.co.uk

Tel : 01455 245740