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Occupational Health Surveillance Services in Leicester & Across The United Kingdom

As a premier occupational health provider, our strategy is to keep things simple in order that we can drive benefit for you, we will only deliver what you need when you need it. Whether you require a full-time and comprehensive workplace-based Occupational Health Service, a single sickness absence referral, one day's health surveillance/medicals, or simple biological monitoring in the workplace.  We will tailor a service to your needs, contact us today for more information on how we can help you increase your workplace safety, your employee productivity and decrease your illness and accidents. 

Outstanding Occupational Health Services at a Price That Makes Sense

As business people we understand that cost is important, we also know that service is as important. We deliver outstanding services at a price that makes sense for you. We only deliver the services that you need to protect your employees and your financial well being. 

Occupational Health Assessments Available 

Corporate Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of your employees is an important part of the success of your business aims, we can help.

Stress Management in The Workplace

For an excellent cost-effective solution in training your employees to deal with stress in the workplace, call us.

Musculoskeletal Disorders Industry

For an excellent cost-effective solution in protecting your employee's musculoskeletal health in the active workplace, we have an easy training solution.

Dust Monitoring Service

Dust Monitoring services that are designed to provide you with the best monitoring solutions available for the workplace

Fit Testing For RPE

We know your employees are pretty, but does their face fit? We offer Fit Testing for RPE to ensure both them and your business is protected.

Noise Protection

For an excellent cost-effective solution in protecting your employees hearing, we have the perfect solution that is instantly fitted.

Anger Management in The Workplace

For an excellent cost-effective solution in training your employees to deal with anger in the workplace, call us.

Musculoskeletal Disorders Office

For an excellent cost-effective solution in protecting your employee's musculoskeletal health in the office workplace, we have an easy training solution.

Safety-Critical Worker Medicals

At HealthScreen we provide Safety-Critical Worker Medicals (Fit to Work medicals) across the UK. We are a SEQOHS accredited company and we perform assessments to the highest standard.

Dermatology Health Surveillance

Work-related skin problems are a very common occurence, they can happen in most workplaces although they are more prevalent in certain high-risk jobs.

HS(G)6 Forklift Truck Surveillance

Vehicle accidents are the second biggest cause of fatal accidents in British workplaces. Let us make sure your drivers are fit to drive.

Night Workers Surveillance

Night workers must be provided with a free health assessment at regular intervals. The purpose of a Night Worker Health Assessment is to determine whether a worker is fit to undertake night work.

DSE Risk Surveillance

It is the responsibility of the employer to analyse display screen equipment stations and reduce risk by ensuring that workstations meet minimum requirements. 

Healthy Worker Surveillance

Regular Health Assessments can reduce absence by helping prevent later illness, and can make your staff feel valued.Healthy Staff are happy staff.

Lung Function Testing

Lung function tests are mandatory in industries where people might be exposed to hazardous substances. Healthscreen offers a UK wide, on-site spirometry testing service.

Biological Monitoring

Biological Monitoring for chemicals & metals exposure in Industry, Biological monitoring is used to assess exposure to a chemical, by the measurement of a chemical or its breakdown products in urine or breath in the UK

Pregnant Woman Surveillance

Conditions normally considered acceptable may no longer be so during pregnancy. We can assess the risk and monitor the health of pregnant employees. Employers have a legal responsibility to assess possible risks to new and expectant mothers.

Hand-Arm Vibration 

Employers have a duty to assess the risks of using vibrating tools and machinery in the workplace. Where a purchasing and maintenance policy and other controls cannot eliminate the risk, health surveillance should be provided.

Pre-Employment Assessment

About 5 -10% of all new employees will have some medical condition so having a pre-employment medical assessment performed on prospective employees makes sense for your business. It helps you identify health problems early,

Lead Monitoring

Biological Monitoring for lead exposure in Industry, Biological monitoring for lead is a requirement if your staff are exposed to the metal during their daily employment in the UK

Drug & Alcohol Screening

At HealthScreen we offer drug and alcohol screening in the workplace, since March 2015 a new law has entered the statute books in relation to drug driving. This means that companies need to be sure that their staff will pass any random testing

Isocyanates Monitoring

Biological Monitoring for Isocyanates in Industry, Isocyanates are highly reactive chemicals used in making a variety of products, including paints, foams and glues. Isocyanates are one of the leading causes of occupational asthma in the UK

Drug & Alcohol Screening Training

Reduce your costs and introduce a randomised drug and alcohol screening procedure by training your staff in both awareness of the issues and how to undertake the testing procedure.

Offshore Medicals

If you want to work offshore in the gas and oil industry, you need an up to date Offshore Medical Certificate. We now provide Offshore Medicals in The East Midl

Referral Service

Healthscreen are now able to offer a referral service to our clients for any employees’ who flag up a problem during the initial screening, to an Occupational Health Professional.

Occupational Healthcare Services in Leicester & Across The United Kingdom

Health Promotion Days

HealthScreen runs a wide range of health promotion and Health and Safety Training days to give your employees’ the help and information they need to understand everyday health problems.

Health and Safety Training Days

Healthscreen offer a wide range of Health and Safety Training Days for your employees and workplace to raise standards and awareness of risk.

  • Please can you say a big Thank You to Stella for yesterday ? we had a few problems with getting employees released for training ? but she rearranged and helped us out ? we are very grateful. I have had lots of positive feedback from the sessions too

  • Miss Budworth was very efficient and professional in her performance of the task in hand and considering the fact that employees had to be monitored at their work stations, there was barely any disruption to the work pattern.

    Mr Singh - Managing Director
  • Healthscreen provided the support and flexibility we needed and I was more than impressed with their efficiency and thoroughness. Mr Bennett was professional and friendly and very easy to work with, nothing was too much trouble.

    Mr Reason


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