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HSE Relaunches Its ‘Your Farm, Your Future’ Campaign

The Health and Safety Executive has once again taken a step to safeguard the wellbeing of those who toil on Britain’s farms. With the relaunch of its ‘Your Farm, Your Future’ campaign, the spotlight this year turns to the hazards associated with working with livestock. This initiative comes in the wake of alarming statistics that underscore the pressing need for increased safety measures in the agricultural sector.

Alarming Data From 2022/23

In the year 2022/23, the most common cause of work-related fatalities on British farms was incidents involving animals, resulting in eight tragic deaths. These figures not only highlight the inherent risk of working with livestock but also serve as a stark reminder that agriculture continues to be one of the most perilous industries in the country.

The ‘Your Farm, Your Future’ campaign, which previously concentrated on transport safety, has evolved to address the urgent issue of livestock safety. Through its dedicated campaign website, the HSE is offering invaluable advice aimed at assisting farmers and farm workers in navigating the dangers of working with animals, thereby ensuring their safety and that of their employees.

The Perils of Working with Cattle

Working with cattle presents a unique set of challenges and risks. These animals, despite their domestication, can exhibit unpredictable behavior that can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities among farm workers. The HSE’s renewed campaign efforts shed light on the importance of understanding these risks, promoting awareness, and implementing effective safety measures.

Raising Awareness for Comprehensive Farm Safety

The HSE’s initiative goes beyond cattle safety, aiming to enhance farm safety as a whole. Agriculture’s track record for fatal and serious injuries is alarmingly high compared to other industries in the UK. Over the past five years, the average rate of fatal incidents in agriculture has been twenty-one times higher than the all-industry average. This staggering statistic underlines the critical need for comprehensive safety strategies that address all aspects of farm work.

Empowering Farmers with Knowledge and Tools

In response to these challenges, the HSE has developed new web resources and a checklist specifically designed for working safely with livestock. These resources are tailored to benefit those new to the farming industry, providing them with the knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of agricultural work safely. Moreover, they serve as a crucial reminder for experienced farmers, reinforcing the importance of maintaining safety protocols and staying vigilant at all times.

The checklist and webpages cover a wide range of topics, from handling and transportation to emergency planning and health monitoring. By adhering to these guidelines, farmers and farm workers can significantly reduce the risk of incidents and ensure a safer working environment for everyone involved.


The HSE’s ‘Your Farm, Your Future’ campaign is a timely and essential initiative that underscores the ongoing need for heightened safety awareness and practices in agriculture. As the industry continues to face significant risks, particularly those associated with livestock, the provision of targeted advice and resources is invaluable. By embracing these tools and fostering a culture of safety, the agricultural community can work towards reducing the number of incidents and fatalities, ensuring a safer future for all involved in this vital sector.

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