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Biological Monitoring

Biological monitoring (BM) assesses exposure to a chemical. It does this by the measuring the amount of a chemical in the urine or breath. This shows how much of a chemical has entered a person’s body.

Controlling exposure relies on engineering controls and protective equipment.

As a result, using a BM service shows if control measures are working and used correctly to ensure your employees are kept safe.

We have 2 methods for collecting the Biological Monitoring samples. Our Occupational Health team can attend site to carry out the screening on your behalf. Alternatively, we can send the kits directly to you with a free-post envelope to return to the laboratory.


If you would think your employees are at risk or would like any further information please Contact Us.

For a quote, please use our Quotation Form to provide Healthscreen UK with your detailed requirements. Our dedicated team will then be able to supply you with an accurate quotation.

Our Biological Monitoring Services