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The First Wealth is Health… Isocyanates exposure

Isocyanates can cause real damage to your employees:

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The First Wealth is Health… Isocyanates exposure - Header Image

The First Wealth is Health… Isocyanates exposure

Are you exposed to Isocyanates at work?

If you work in an environment with exposure to Isocyanates, do you have annual biological monitoring?

Healthscreen UK Ltd can help!

We provide Isocyanate Monitoring via Urine Sample which we send off to the laboratory for analysis. The analysis covers the following components:

  • Spray Paint = HDI & IPDI
  • Glues, Foams or Resins = TDI & MDI


For Isocyanate testing, a urine sample is required within 2 hours after a spray session/exposure to Isocyanates of at least 4 hours.

Employees Understanding:

  • Your employer will explain to you that they are checking the controls to prevent exposure to isocyanates that could give you asthma. This will normally be done once a year unless the results show there is a problem.
  • Your employer will ask you to provide a urine sample at the end of a typical spray session using the Isocyanate bottle that is provided in the kit.
  • The things related to Isocyanates (‘biomarkers’) will be measured in the sample – not drugs, alcohol, etc.
  • Your employer will ask you for your permission to see your results because if there is a problem you will need to work together to sort out any problems.
  • The results will not say anything about your health or risk of ill-health, only your exposure.
  • If the results show controls are not working properly, you will both need to find out why, sort it, and then have a further urine sample measured.

All guidance is issued, along with the results from analysis at the laboratory.

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