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Vision Testing

Good vision is a requirement for many professions, we offer on site vision screening to employees whose eyesight is a necessity for their safety

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Vision Testing


Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992


Do you need Vision Screening for your employees?

You may need vision screening for your employees. As a nationwide Occupational Health services provider, we can provide eyesight screening and refer your employees to an optician of your choice. We offer on-site vision screening/sight testing to employees whose eyesight is a necessity for their safety whilst working.

We will:

  • Provide you professional and competent advice on the duties you have under the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992
  • Advise you on who will require eyesight testing
  • Undertake eyesight tests using the appropriate equipment and in line with guidance
  • Arrange to follow up and recall as required

Your organisation is required, by health and safety regulations, to provide eye and eyesight tests on request for all VDU users.  In addition, your organisation must also provide corrective spectacles where necessary.


Vehicle Usage / Fork Lift Trucks

It is extremely important that employees are monitored for their ability to drive a vehicle onsite.  Within the industry, we find many individuals wearing glasses that no longer provide adequate benefit and are often driving illegally.

Alternately, they may be wearing glasses which do not provide the necessary amplification to give 20.20 vision, due to not having an annual eyesight check. Our screening services allows us to check the degree of eyesight the client has, any problems with colour blindness and their ability to judge distance.

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