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Vision Testing

Good vision is essential for a safe and productive workplace, and some industries and job roles require regular vision screening. Healthscreen offer a comprehensive on-site vision screening service to ensure that your employees’ eyesight meets the necessary requirements for their job. 

How We Support You

Our vision testing service is designed to assess and monitor the visual capabilities of your employees. As part of this service, we offer thorough eyesight screening using appropriate equipment and following established guidance. Our experienced professionals conduct a range of tests to evaluate visual acuity, depth perception, colour vision, and other essential aspects of visual function.

During the screening process, we identify potential vision-related issues that could impact job performance and workplace safety. This includes problems with colour blindness, the ability to judge distance accurately, and other visual impairments. By detecting and addressing these issues, we help ensure that your employees have the visual capabilities necessary for their specific job roles.

If any concerns or abnormalities are identified during the screening, we provide appropriate follow-up and referral services. We can refer your employees to an optician of your choice for further evaluation and necessary corrective measures. Our aim is to ensure that any visual impairments or limitations are addressed promptly and effectively, enabling your employees to perform their duties safely and optimally.

Additionally, our Vision Testing service includes comprehensive follow-up and recall procedures. We understand that regular vision monitoring is crucial to maintaining optimal visual health. We work with you to establish appropriate recall intervals, ensuring that your employees receive timely and ongoing assessments of their visual capabilities.

Main Benefits

Regular vision screening for your employees can help ensure:

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations, such as the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992
  • Improved job performance and safety
  • Reduction in workplace accidents and injuries
  • Appropriate corrective measures, such as corrective spectacles, are provided where necessary

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

The Vision Testing service is a key component of compliance with the Display Screen Equipment Regulations. These regulations aim to protect the health and safety of employees who use display screen equipment, such as computer monitors, for prolonged periods. Part of the requirements outlined in the regulations is to ensure that employees have adequate visual capabilities to perform their work effectively and without discomfort. By providing regular vision testing, organisations can fulfil their legal obligations and ensure compliance with the DSE Regulations.


Employees whose eyesight is essential for their safety while working may require vision screening. This can include VDU users, vehicle drivers, and forklift truck operators.

The frequency of eyesight testing depends on the job role and associated risks. Our professional advice can help you determine the appropriate frequency of testing for your employees.

Yes, our vision testing can be adapted to accommodate employees with special needs or disabilities. We have experience in working with a range of different requirements and can provide customised solutions to meet individual needs. Please let us know in advance if any special arrangements are needed.

Ensure the safety and productivity of your workplace with our on-site vision screening services. Contact us today to learn more about our vision testing and Occupational Health services.