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Eye injury

Eye injuries in the workplace 

Understand your responsibilities & how you can prevent injuries when it comes to your employee's eyes in this Healthscreen UK article:

Eye injuries can be caused by jobs involving dangerous chemicals or materials that can harm or destroy vision. These injuries can be serious and result from pieces of metal, wood, glass and other materials lodging in the eye. However, employees who work in an office setting are not free from the possibility of injury. Eye strain or fatigue can also occur due to excessive screen time.

Regular Eye Exams

Occupational eye exams aren’t just for when you’re having trouble seeing. Eye exams can detect health problems like diabetes and identify if there are any changes in your vision. As a nationwide Occupational Health Services Provider, we can provide occupational eye tests across the UK.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

It’s a fact, 90% of eye injuries can be avoided. All you have to do to is wear your PPE- Includes safety glasses or goggles.

20-20 vision

If you work on a computer daily, did you know that every 20 minutes you should look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds. It is also recommended that employees should position their computer screen 20-28 inches from their eyes. These are two great ways to reduce the risk of digital eye strain.

Importance of Knowing First Aid

In the case of an eye emergency, it is important for employees to know first aid. Please keep in mind if first aid procedures do not work, see a doctor immediately.

Common types of eye injury include:

  • Foreign objects getting stuck in the eye, like an eyelash or pieces of grit, wood or metal
  • Cuts or grazes, from sharp objects like glass or metal
  • Severe blows to the eye, from a hard object, like a ball.

Foreign objects like grit, or a loose eyelash, often land on the surface of the eye. Usually, you can easily rinse these out but sharp fragments like grit, metal or glass may cut the eye in which case the person should go to the hospital.

Eye wellness in the workplace should never be overlooked, we can help!

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