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Via Vita Health

Our new partners in delivering consolidated health and wellbeing services are Via Vita Health, established by award-winning director Caroline Sidell, Via Vita Health Ltd is a dynamic company that assesses occupational health requirements and creates tailor made packages to cater for the needs of both organisations and individuals. Via Vita Health and its team of professional consultants will assess your current health and lifestyle practices, polices and corporate objectives.

Through a combination of individual and small group consultations, presentations, workshops, screening and corporate research, Via Vita Health provide unique opportunities and support on many levels – physical, social personal and developmental. Innovative health & wellbeing solutions to help you achieve your business goals & deliver a return on investment. These include onsite health screening, workshops, training & online health platforms.

Via Vita Health, Corporate Health & Wellbeing Consultants

our Approach

In line with the Via Vita ethos, there is a four stage continuous improvement approach allows us to create bespoke & progressive health & wellbeing programmes that deliver against set KPIs and objectives. 

The Consultation

The consult phase is all about us getting to know your organisation. To integrate a robust health and wellbeing strategy we need  to understand your objectives, your challenges, your culture and bring all the data you have avaialble to build a hollistic picture of your business.

We survey, consult and facilitate workshops and focus groups to gain first hand insight from across the organisation and different departments.

Creating Your Programme

Once we understand you and your requirements we create a programme that's tailored to your health and wellbeing needs.

The programmes we deliver are designed to engage the entire workforce and make your organisation a healthier, happier place to work. We have fantastic onsite and online delivery methods along with some great partner companies to provide a full range of services.

Drive Awareness

Organisations that genuinely promote and value the health and wellbeing of their employees will benefit from improved engagement and retention of employees with consequent gains for performance and productivity.

As well as pulling together a programme that's suited to your needs, we engage and drive awareness to all your employees through our content. We review your IT and communications channels to pull together a robust marketing plan supported by a wellbeing champions across the organisation.

Continually Analyse

We are passionate about delivering continuous improvemnet and so we analyse our perfromance against key perfromance indicators and objectives on a monthly and quartery basis. This allows us to see what's working and what isn't so that we can continually improve the perfromance of our health & wellbeing programmes.

The Connected Approach

Healthy eatingNutrition
Healthy exerciseExercise

Our Services


Individual health consultations will help employees to understand and take accountability for their own health & wellbeing both at work & at home. Our job is to help them to realise their goals and support them through their health & wellbeing journey.


We can provide a physiotherapy service for your business which will result in getting your staff back to work as quickly and as safely as possible and keeping them there. In doing so, both the employee and the employer benefit. The employee benefits from job retention and long term better health; the employer benefits from significant savings – reduced absenteeism and presenteeism costs, increased employee productivity, and litigation reductions


Poorly set up workstations can put your employees at risk of injury. Sitting for prolonged periods of time with poor posture or using the wrong equipment can lead to back and/or neck pain, and joint problems such as pain in the arms.

Night Workers
Night Worker Surveillance
Fork Lifts
FLT assessments
Lung Function
Lung Function testing
Fire Risk
Fire Risk Assessments
Isocyanates Monitoring
Eye Tests
visual assessment surveillance

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